Listen: ‘A Song of the Night Pt. 1’ by Homerik

New York City. Need Metal? Enter Homerik. This trio of theatrical rockers are delivering their debut self titled album and the lead track takes shape in the blistering A Song of the Night Pt. 1. An almost vaudevillian exercise in stage metal

Ken Candelas (The Mad Composer)Andrew Petriske (The Daemon), and Obed Gonzalez (The Gatherer) have their influences like any band worth their salt, but aside from the more progressive, orchestral, and cerebral metal bands, they have soaked up malevolent sounds from around the world and throughout history, bringing it to the present day to infect the masses.

Homerik drag you kicking and screaming from “Curse of the Black Nile”, which incorporates lines from one of the most disturbing Ancient Egyptian texts, the Cannibal Hymn, into the lyrics, to “Unforgotten Kin”, a furious meditation on brothers mourning their deceased sibling trapped in limbo. Lead track, “A Song of the Night Part 1” is a perfect summation of their beguiling work – effortlessly gorgeous melody intertwined with behemoth-like power, the dimensions they take your mind to are truly thrilling. Their passion for unhinged, challenging art ranges from the traditional gothic to the twisted, epic, video game worlds of God of War, giving you glimpses of the darker sides of humanity before whisking you off to plague-infected pastures new.

With a fully orchestral sound, they have three interweaving vocalists in their ranks, as well as guest sopranos and a shadowy cast of what sounds like hundreds. Using traditional ethnic instrumentation from Africa and the Far East, this is more than melodic metal, it’s something which injects the whole metal genre with new life (or maybe death). With potent, pronged riffs, arresting vocals and a chanteuse singing in Ancient Egyptian, Homerik are a truly unique sonic experience. Homerik’s symphonic progressive death metal is the new dark corner of metal which was waiting to be explored – cinematic; vicious, but brutally beautiful.


  1. Into the Pits of Oblivion
  2. Unforgotten Kin
  3. An Angel of Darkness
  4. Curse of the Black Nile
  5. The Ire of Green
  6. Wendigo
  7. The Balance of Power
  8. Bread and Circuses
  9. A Song of the Night Part 1
  10. The Legion