Review: Share My Blankets (Melbourne Fringe Festival)

Aly Lorén’s debut show is akin to being in on the ground floor while a rocket is about to take off. A multi-disciplined performer with a heartfelt honesty, Share My Blankets runs the gamut of humour to pathos, romance to rage whilst never missing its truest intention of being a show about humanity. A winner.

At the ripe old age of 23 years Aly Loren commands the stage with her face besmirched with glitter and make up. Dressed in a deep purple and washed in pink light, she opens her show with a belting rendition of her own composition and show title Share My Blankets, a song she wrote when she was 18. Thus begins our journey into the inner workings of self titled queer-non-binary-femme-tomboy-dreamboat.

Recanting tales from life in Brisbane, to finding love, lust, sex, herself, then losing it all and being on the road to finding it again, it’s the magnetic and energetic presence of Loren that makes this intimate show so engaging.

From that smile, to her brutal honesty about herself, the spectacular set of songs where you can joyously hear the channelling of Joni Mitchell (Lorén is one performer that can belt out a tune), her rage against the same sex marriage survey and, more urgently, being comfortable in feeling all things/anything because that’s what makes you human.

Under the direction of Dirk Hoult, Share My Blankets keeps things moving (there’s never a dull moment), and in a particular confessional sequence fusing synth cues and random facts, there’s a sophistication in its simplicity as it echoes the machinations of a mind in crisis.

Share My Blankets is watching a star on the rise. Lorén is a magnetic stage presence whose raw honesty is both infectious and disarming. There’s passion here, craft here, and talent… Oodles of talent. Best get in on the ground floor now and see this show!



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