Listen: ‘City’ by Seavera

Headed down to Melbourne Towne for dreamy duo Seavera and their new track City.

In the swirling twilight between inky darkness and bright revelation is where Tori Zietsch and Daniel Pinkerton meet to excavate the essence of Seavera.

The duo reunited in Melbourne after first meeting in northern NSW to forge their forthcoming EP, including the latest single, “City” in makeshift studios within the cold unrelenting walls of back-alley sheds and since-demolished houses of Fitzroy.

Split into equal measures of anger, blame and desperation, “City” sees vocalist and songwriter Tori pour waves of feeling into the study of a physical relationship she had hoped would evolve.

“I remember being made to feel as if I was just an object committed to a function versus an equal human being worthy of connection.” Explains Tori, “It’s an incredibly debilitating thing to feel objectified during sex. The sad reality is that when it happened, I began to realise that the event was just one fragment in a string of experiences I’d had just like this.”

Dan adds; “Initially I was drawn in by the power and intensity of the chorus, but I later grew to appreciate an intimacy that felt much softer. We went through many different versions of this song, at first exploring the more explosive aspects of the lyrics with heavy drums and raging synth lines, but in the end conceding that a few simple guitar chords weighed heavier than thicker beds and complicated melodies. It was this sparseness that laid backdrop to the naked confessional that is City.”

It took years of living several thousand kilometres apart for each to realise that the connection that had initially brought them together in their youth would bring them back again: an obsession with the truth.

Seavera is about rearranging skin and bones to discover what might really be there – and then making it real for everyone else.

City” is mixed by Simon Lam (Kllo) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Wafia, The Harpoons, Leisure Suite, Banoffee) and is the third single off Seavera’s debut EP – to be released later this year.

Their first two singles off the EP ‘Caving‘ and ‘Parallel and Repeat‘ have already racked up an impressive 2.3 million Spotify plays, gaining airplay on triple J and community radio, as well as recognition from radio and bloggers internationally.

Having recently played support for acts such as ToraKlloJack River, and Woodes, the duo will play their first festival showcase at BIGSOUND 2017 in anticipation of the release of their debut EP.