Listen: ‘the cracks’ by Peter Sonic

A self described romantic cynic, Australian artist Peter Sonic debuts his first track the cracks to the interwebs. Ethereal, electronic and refreshingly engaging, if this is a taste of things to come from the man mountain (He’s 6ft3), then all eyes on him!

Peter Sonic is a 6”3 powerhouse of emotional melody. Combining southern gothic tunes with a new wave emphasis, it’s the voice that creeps into the back of your mind, it’s the itching urge for disaster.
It’s dark and divine all at once.
The man behind the moniker is both an optimist and a nihilist – full of futility, fuelled with hope, and sharing his view of the world through smoke tinted glasses.
Drawing influences from the genius of David Bowie, the theatricality of Kate Bush, the despair of Lana Del Ray, the character of Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, and the grit of Steinbeck and Hemingway, Peter Sonic is an expression of the contradictions of life; the passion and the apathy, the hope and despair, the organic and synthetic, the quiet and chaotic.
Debut single “the cracks” is a tribal drum fuelled, groove laden, new wave pop anthem that was produced and recorded in a home studio by the illustrious Dann Hume (with additional sonics provided by Matt Neighbour), and mastered by Adam Dempsey.
Lyrically “the cracks” is about the parts of us that we are most ashamed of, the parts that we keep hidden for fear of reprisal. It’s about knowing our emotional imperfections and our mistakes are our cracks, but it’s also the imperfections that create the deepest connection.