Listen: ‘Funeral’ by Vector Xing

Heading to L.A. for a sweet hit of Californian R&B in the form of Vector Xing and his new outing Funeral.

Enigmatic R&B/soul artist Vector Xing has released his timly new single “Funeral,” which Grimy Goods claims “has a distinct freedom of composition, incorporating jazz horns between his pleading falsetto.” The song comes in a timely fashion – written as an homage to black lives lost in the influx of police-related shootings and those oppressed in our current social landscape.

“Systematic racism has been tolerated for so long, that in 2017 it has eroded sympathy for black death and desensitized people to its existence,” explains vocalist Stevan Cablayan – the sole member behind the moniker Vector Xing. “I tolerated racism in order to try and further myself in this world. But I can do better. I can become a better member of society and contribute through my talents to keep pressure of evoking change on this issue. That’s where ‘Funeral’ comes in. It’s a song about a man whose life was taken by unwarranted police violence. No one really knows the greatness this man might have achieved. Because of his blackness, his chances in life were stripped from him and his death was blamed on him. He is me. He could have been me. I’m there to witness his death. I witness it on my phone. On my computer. On my Facebook. I’m at his mass funeral. The song is a call to arms. To gather round and protect ourselves from this happening to anyone else.”

Fans can expect more new music from Vector Xing this fall. For more information on Vector Xing, be sure to follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.