Listen: ‘Junk’ by Vivienne Chi

Heading to London where we meet, for the very first time on The Lowdown under, alt pop starlet Vivienne Chi and her new track Junk.

JUNK’, the second single from Vivienne Chi marks as a righteous return for the Spanish, London living alt-pop songwriter. This follows the first single ‘Vivienne‘, released in May that earned the support of BBC IntroducingSpotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and reputable online blogs such as Going SoloIts All Indie and Fame Magazine. 

Showing a remarkable clear vision in songwriting, with songs dancing on lyrical narratives of belonging, heartache & the darker sides of London’s excessive lifestyle. Performing music from a tender age of 8 and writing songs since 11, then later decided to pursue her passion for music and move to London with an eager determination to launch her career. Vivienne Chi quickly became immersed in London’s live music scene.  Juggling day jobs and playing shows allowed her to focus on her passion for songwriting. After collaborations & features with Harry Wolfman and GRADES, she began working with producers TDH Productions. It was there that chemistry struck resulting in Vivienne’s signature sound that she was ready to further with.

On the subject of ‘JUNK’, Vivienne explains more about the song“JUNK is a song about the balance between madness & freedom. Who’s really living? A person free of their mind or is a person trapped inside it? There is a homeless lady in Camden who inspired me to write this song, she is well known in the area. She dresses fabulously in what little she has and is always smiling..”

‘JUNK’, produced by Harry Tarlton, beams as a powerful second single, combining animated production and uplifting lyrics. Balancing madness and sanity, sonically one half suggested by a bed of quirky, abstract percussion and the other revealing freeing, grandeur lyrics and melody. Naturally building with strife and personality, the verses transition to an irresistible, bombast chorus fronting Vivienne’s pristine vocal that rests behind thunderous performance of drum shudders and manipulated guitar samples. ‘JUNK’ is the next chapter in Vivienne’s catalogue of exciting works.