U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 30 June – Sun 2 July, 2017

Well it’s 4th of July weekend in the U.S., it’s the height of summer and it’s proof in the pudding that Illumination Entertainment is a force to be reckoned with as Despicable Me 3 (4,259 screens) debuts with an $83m opening weekend. Sitting on a screen average of a whopping $19,488 on the largest release strategy for a film in their history, this 3rd entry is coming in line ball with Despicable Me 2‘s $83.5m on the same weekend back in 2013. The film fared ok with reviews posting a 62% fresh score (Despicable Me 2 landed at 73%) and, if history is destined to repeat, this puppy should come in at around the $350-$360m domestically and north of $1bn globally.

Baby Driver (3,226 screens), the biggest wild card wide release of the summer, posts a very healthy $28m opening weekend on an $8,679 screen average. The non franchise/non sequel action comedy from Edgar Wright comes with a 97% fresh score from critics and benefited from the swathes of online banter that studios could only dream about. From established film makers to social media pundits, the internet was abuzz with all things pro Baby Driver. This should push to $110m domestically as word of mouth will drive the box office especially when we are in a season of major studio franchise fatigue.

Transformers: The Last Knight (4,132 screens) plummets 64%, as expected (actually I thought this would be in the 70% range), in weekend 2 to post $16.2m and bring the tally to $101.3m. On a screen average of $3,921, this puppy is pulling up really hard really fast and if it nudges $150m as a finish line I would be surprised. The film has hit $310m globally but on a production budget of $217m before publicity and advertising (which would put it more in the $320m range in total), this puppy is going to have a huge write down for Paramount/Hasbro and its partners. My gut is that the planned 6th and 7th installments are on notice and even the stand alone Bumblebee movie will be getting a major overhaul.

Wonder Woman (3,404 screens) crosses $345.9m domestically to become the highest grossing DC franchise film in the U.S. ever made. With a $15.4m weekend, there’s still a good $20m left in this puppy before it finishes up which should see the lasso of truth circle a $365-$370m result.

Cars 3 (3,576 screens) got absolutely smashed by Despicable Me 3 as expected, falling 58.3% from last weekend, to gross $10m and bring the haul to $121.1m. With a $2,796 screen average and Spider-Man: Homecoming on the way, that screen count will most likely lose another 1,000 this weekend as the finish line rounds to $130m.

The House (3,134 screens) bombs drastically on opening with $9.3m on a $2,967 screen average. This is one of those one-note joke gimmick comedies that doesn’t serve its wealth of talent like CHiPS, Fist Fight, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Hot Pursuit, and the critics hated it posting a 17% rotten score. Audiences avoided it, too, and this will be all over for $18m.

47 Meters Down (2,250 screens) crosses $32.5m his weekend with Warner Bros and pundits including it in the reason that Deep Blue Sea 2 has been greenlit. This little indy is working in the black now and still has home entertainment to go.

The Beguiled (674 screens) expands by 670 screens and posts a $3.1m weekend on a solid $4,599 screen average. That’s great news for Sofia Coppola’s steamy thriller and with $3.4m in the bank, this should be able to push to near $10m domestically.

The Mummy (1,760 sreens) is unravelling badly now as it crosses $74.4m with a $78m finish most likely. These screens will disappear for the webslinger who returns on Friday on a wave of some of the best reviews Marvel has ever received.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (1,674 screens) crosses $165.5m domestically as it sets sail from cinemas. This will lose near all its screens this weekend for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The Big Sick (71 screens) smashed $1.5m on a $21,300 screen average for its expansion in week 2 to bring the gross to $2.1m

The Little Hours (2 screens) opens to a hugely robust $61,000 on a $30,500 screen average. Bang! The Aubrey Plaza nuns growing weed comedy, which caused a bit of a stir in religious groups (who cares), hit a home run with critics posting an 80% fresh score.

In Cinemas Friday 7 July, 2017 – Spider-Man: Homecoming, A Ghost Story

Figures from Deadline

1). Despicable Me 3 (UNI/ILL), 4,259 theaters / $29.1M Fri. (includes $4.1M previews) / 3-day cume: $81M-$83M /Wk 1

2). Baby Driver (SONY), 3,226 theaters / $5.7M Wed. (includes Tuesday preview of $2.1M) / $3.3M Thurs. / $5.9M Fri. / 3-day cume: $18.4M / Total cume: $27M-$28M / Wk 1

3). Transformers: The Last Knight (PAR), 4,132 theaters (+63) / $4.9M Fri. (-64%)/ 3-day cume: $16.2M (-64%)/ Total cume: $101.3M / Wk 2

4.) Wonder Woman (WB), 3,404 theaters (-529) / $4.3M Fri. / 3-day cume: $15.4M / Total: $345.9M / Wk 5

5). Cars 3 (DIS), 3,576 theaters (-680) / $3m Fri. / 3-day cume: $10M / Total: $121.1m / Wk 3

6). The House (WB), 3,134 theaters / $3.3M Fri. (includes $800K previews) / 3-day cume: $9.3M/ Wk 1

7.). 47 Meters Down (ENT), 2,250 theaters (-221) / $1.4M Fri. / 3-day cume: $4.6M  / Total: $32.5M / Wk 3

8.) The Beguiled (FOC), 674 theaters (+670) / $1M Fri. (+1024%) / 3-day cume: $3.1M (+1254%)/Total: $3.4M/ Wk 2

9.). The Mummy (Uni), 1,760 theaters (-1,112) / $775K Fri.  / 3-day cume: $2.7M / Total: $74.4M / Wk 4

10.). Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  (DIS), 1,674 theaters (-682) / $721K Fri. / 3-day cume: $2.48M  / Total: $165.5M / Wk 6


The Big Sick (AMAZ/LGF), 71 theaters (+66) / $531K (+299%) / 3-day cume: $1.5M (+264%) / Per screen: $21,3K /Total: $2.1M Wk 2

The Little Hours (GSKY), 2 theaters / $20K Fri. / PTA: $30.7K/3-day cume: $61K /Wk 1