Listen: ‘You’ by Real Fears

The mighty unbridled well of talent that is London has brought forth this dynamic and exploratory new electronica outfit Real Fears and their wholly absorbing new cut You.


Taking influence from a varied heap of emerging artists, including Muna, Say Lou Lou, The Naked and Famous, and Sigrid, Real Fears embrace modern influences yet style another personality of ambient, experimental textures to rectify a sound of their own. Opening with an abstract backdrop of angelic 808 beats and a brooding tension of swelling synths, ‘You’ by Real Fears is a powerful debut that thrills with both audacious indie-pop moments and touches of blissful minimalism. Swelling with an infectious tension, like a storm building; doubled vocals and scattering percussion tracks build for a truly motivating chorus.

“Having given this project some thought, we wanted to go for a sound that used a lot of space and depth. Lyrically the song is about opening up about your feelings and anxieties with someone close to you, admitting when you were wrong and feeling better about things. So whilst the song is upbeat in the chorus, it’s about repairing a mistake in a relationship.” – Real Fears

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