Listen: ‘Turn Around’ by Hier

Bringin’ it local for Brisbane based electronica producer and artist Hier (Scott Peachey) and his new dreamy track Turn Around featuring vocals from French artist Wild Fox.

Go, Aussie, Go!

Over the last few years, the success of super-producer Flume has propelled Australia’s electronic scene into the global spotlight. Armed with familiar shimmering synthesisers and unique Future Bass flair, Brisbane producer Hier is now set to turn plenty of heads and get shapes flyin’ with his latest single and catalogue of remixes.

Fun facts about new single Turn Around:

  • ●  The track’s lead melody was created by accidently putting two completely different melodies


  • ●  Turn Around was the first real attempt by Hier to use a “less is more” approach to his production style.
  • ●  Hier spent almost the same amount of time processing and mixing Frenchwoman Wild Fox’s vocal parts as he did creating the instrumentals and beats.

    Sounds Like: Flume, What So Not, Graves

    Hier (pronounced “high-er”), the moniker of Scott Peachey, has been crafting jagged beats and sparkling electronic soundscapes in his studio-bedroom from as early as 2014. His first musical incarnation was called ‘Peachey’, and months of shaping his own Future Bass sound culminated in winning a remix competition for Major Lazer’s Aerosol Can. It was at this point Peachey realised his potential, and Hier was born.

    In late 2015 Peachey transitioned into his new alias ‘Hier’, as a way to make music that had more emotion and depth while retaining clear dance elements. His initial releases under his new guise Hier, including a Fetty Wap remix, were met with a mountain of praise. He continued to turn plenty of heads through his Soundcloud releases through local collective The South East Grind, including From You with LOJACK (Melbourne) and Shifted with Holly (Portugal).

    Mastered by Kevin Grainger at Wired Mastering (Tiesto, Kaskade) and premiered by Pilerats, Turn Around is Hier’s third release of 2017 following his pulsating electronic jam Affinity and throbbing pan flute remix of Rae Sremmurd and Travis Scott’s Swang. Lyrically about being so intoxicated the world’s spinning but everything feels exaggerated and sounds accentuated, the single is an instant floor-filler full of deep bass and tinkling synthesisers.

    Featuring the soaring voice of French vocalist Wild Fox entwined in a playful and glossy soundscape, which is perfectly captured in it’s accompanying animated music video, Turn Around marks a major step for Hier as he continues to incorporate more vocals into his production style. “I think the instrumental adds a positive, party feeling to the vocals. I remember when I first made the track I couldn’t stop moving my feet while listening to it, the beat and melody are just so catchy!” says Hier.

    Over the next few months Hier plans to drop more FIRE remixes before the release of his, yet to be titled, debut EP. “Future Bass has evolved into a genre with almost limitless possibilities and I love that. I really want to take my music in a different direction that can be influential on other artists and at the same time make strong club tracks. I have also been listening to a lot more rap lately, and I think people will start to see that influence in my music soon,” says Hier.

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    Praise for Hier:

    “Hier’s work has a certain, unique quality to it that keeps the tracks sounding fresh and playful, yet not too

    overwhelming.” (Pilerats)

    His eclectic, high-energy and bass infused sound has turned a lot of heads, and his originals are quite

    unlike anything we’ve ever heard. With that said, so are his remixes.” (Stoney Roads)

    “The future bass rollercoaster that is From You

    is packed with heavy bass and catchy synths. The melody

    provides a beautiful slow groove contrasted with a big build up, bringing you to an even bigger drop. The

    track perfectly combines LOJACK and Hier‘s unique individual sounds.” (Purple Sneakers)

    “Hier mixes his shimmering synthesisers, and unique trap flair through the original rap to generate a

    concoction of greatness.” (Futuremag Music)

    “The vocals by French singer Wild Fox on top of the song’s production had my hypnotized like a snake in a

    basket. As the song finished, there I was posed in the middle what I assume was a dance move as the

    cloudy haze around me dissipated. My response? *Hits repeat*” (Kick Kick Snare)

    “It’s called Turn Around and fans of chill-trap gurus like What So Not, Kilter or Wave Raver will froth the

    hardest on this bangin’ tune. An unnamed female vocalist layers soothing top-lines over a jittery and glittery

    future trap production, artfully pulled together in one cohesive track.” (Deep Creatures)

    Fast Fun Facts about Scott Peachey/Hier:

    • ●  Won the Grand Prize for a Major Lazer Remix Aerosol Can Competition in 2014.
    • ●  Peachey dropped out of an Accounting degree at the Queensland University of Technology to focus on his music.
    • ●  His first foray into music production was in Grade 8 after Google searching “How does Eminem make his background beats?”
    • ●  Peachey has watched all nine seasons of The Office (U.S) four times, and would happily watch it through again for a fifth.