Listen: ‘Cutting the Cloth’ by RINNGS

London represents with this striking new track Cutting the Cloth from duo RINNGS (Karl Zine & Nia Jannson). Using multi-layered vocals, drum loops and hints of synth, this entirely atmospheric and almost dreamy song is as evocative as it is distinctive.


London based multi-instrumentalists RINNGS are the perfect storm of Karl Zine and Nai Jannson. Their refreshing take on the process of music making sees the duo remove traditional instrumentation, in favour of using only vocals and percussion. The result? Expressive alt pop, with a lyrical realism escorting a journey through the highs, lows and ordinaries of life.

The pair first met at a ‘middle of the road’ awards show and lost touch until a chance encounter on an empty transatlantic flight a few months later and RINNGS was born. Steering everything creatively themselves, all the music and visuals are made by the band and produced by Karl Zine at his studio The Grid.

Karl Zine cut his teeth as a jazz drummer, while Nai Jannson has a history as a choral composer and conductor. The two bring together their eclectic musical backgrounds with a love of pop music to create something magically peculiar.

Their debut single ‘Cutting The Cloth’ interlaces boy/girl toplines that move fluidly over Nai’s layered harmonies and Karl’s manipulated vocals and drums. The result is a unique formula of lush voices and intricate rhythms with which the duo forge an unnerving electro-pop sound.

RINNGS say “’Cutting The Cloth’ started off as a sample of one of  RINNGS’ children’s first attempts at singing. From there the inspiration shifted to sacred choral music, Indian cartoons, the beats of the 1959 Wurlizer Sideman, and on… and on.. Lyrically the song explores the themes of desire, ageing, loss, beauty, loneliness and rebellion.”