MICF review: DeAnne Smith, Post-Joke Era

Canadian DeAnne Smith tackles the patriarchy and mental ill health in a joyously daft hour. Gentleman elves have the last laugh on themselves.

When it comes to gender identity, the sagacious Canadian DeAnne Smith, who floats the signifier agender, is most comfortable with the term Gentleman Elf or hot Harry Potter, though acknowledges using the pronouns they and them can get confusing when applied to one individual. Folks should use exactly what they damn well please when labelling themselves, though.

That’s pretty much the theme for this thoroughly likeable slice of deceptively polite c-bomb-dropping all up in the patriarchy’s face. Smith’s politics are clear, having flown into Washington DC to attend the Women’s March in Washington DC, there’s no love lost over Trump. Smith also reveals that she’s recently begun taking anti-depressants in an opening dick joke gambit that shows off her nimble-footed approach to heavier material.

You see, she’s not taking herself to seriously, as a ‘vegan’ who reckons fish are fair game and who gladly feeds bull dick to her pooch, though that should have the patriarchy’s eyes watering, granted. Lampooning her own white privilege as much as toxic masculinity, there’s a certain wackiness to her sex tips advice-giving sass that comes complete with epic mic drop, quite literally, with that uproarious visual gag receiving its own encore, deservedly so.

Seemingly genuinely stoked that folks showed up on an Easter Sunday night, Smith’s also up for friendly banter with her audience, ribbing a front row gent named Simian for alleging her guess of Sebastian was nowhere near, even though, “they both start with and S, end with an N and have a whole lot of weird in the middle.”

When yours truly emitted one of his trademark snorts, Smith had just as much fun with the lady in front of me, who immediately pointed me out and was branded a, “snitch,” as she did with my biological quirk. It’s a genuinely fun gig, and when she goes off-piste at the end with a confessional on random wrong number stalking that backfires spectacularly, it’s clear Smith is just as happy being the butt of her own jokes.

Stephen A Russell @SARussellwords


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