Listen: ‘Old Timers’ by NYUON

Australian hip hop, y’all! Coming at you from NYUON, an import from Ethiopia who brings incredible depth and emotive energy to his lyricism in new track Old Timers. The man has a tale to tell, and this is well worth your time!

The Ethiopian-born rapper known as ‘NYUON’ has stylistically been at the forefront of the Australian Hip-hop scene ever since he began in 2015. NYUON’s ability to tell stories through his music has lead listeners on a journey with tales of everything from getting his heart broken, to his experience living in war-torn South Sudan.

In keeping with his trend of ground breaking lyricism, NYUON sets out to release his emotionally charged single ‘Old Timers’, from his upcoming EP. With a soft and sombre melody, the track builds upon a feeling of empathy for the adversity he battles through, both personally and professionally.

“Old Timers is a personal detox for me”. Explains NYUON. “Like a therapy session, just me getting some thoughts and emotions off my mind and my chest.”

NYUON will be inspiring hearts and minds with big things to come from the young artist.