Listen: ‘The More You Know’ by The Dollar Bill Murrays

Stopping back in one of our faves from Brisbane The Dollar Bill Murrays and their new single The More You Know. It’s a cranking, energetic, anarchic rock track that cements the band as ones to watch after their auspicious I Want Everything hit us earlier in the year. Both tracks come from their forthcoming E.P. Always On due in May.


The Dollar Bill Murrays’ new single “The More You Know” captures feelings of frustration with a high-energy and hard-hitting track, primed and ready for your ‘workout’ or ‘rock out’ playlists.

The Brisbane quartet deliver a brooding alt-rock soundscape coated in grungy bravado and fierce instrumentation. Singer Felix Lindgren’s melodies are both catchy and intimidating, lead guitarist Antii Kovacs tears up his fret board to unleash several monstrous fuzzed-up riffs, while drummer Rachit Moti continuously stokes the rock bonfire with pulsating fills and crashing cymbals.

Felix says the song is “a conversation between two different points of view: One who doesn’t know what life is about, in a confused state where they can’t see what’s in front of their own two eyes. The other one has found a meaning.”

“Lots of people feel this confusion as to what their existence is about. Going back to the start is thinking about what life was like when you were a child, a candy-filled endeavour towards the good times.

“However, you’ve got to build a bridge over all the fake bullshit that exists in the world and look down from an aerial perspective. I’m all about having Paddle Pops dripping down my arm and laughing all the way to the grave,” says Felix.

The Dollar Bill Murrays are excited to announce that “The More You Know” and recent single “I Want Everything” will feature on their upcoming sophomore EP ‘Always On’, due for release in early May.

Opening with a rattling tambourine and charming bass melody, “I Want Everything” smoothly rolls along steered by a variety of octaved guitar phrases and Felix’s sombre ode to a now stranger. After the uber-catchy chorus line of “Now you’re changing the view, what am I supposed to do? I want everything, to remain”, the song descends into an outro medley of fuzzed-up lead guitar lines and Felix’s final plea of “What am I gonna do?”.

Listen to “I Want Everything” HERE

Felix says, “I was searching for who I was and what I wanted to be, and I ended up neglecting some important people in my life. At the tail end of my search I found myself looking back to where I started and realise I was happier before I started looking.”

While the finished product is a smooth and polished alt-rock tune primed for your next long drive, the recording process behind “I Want Everything” and “The More You Know” was a much bumpier ride. One-by-one the whole band were struck down by “some kind of bubonic plague” during the 5-day recording process, which resulted in Felix only being able to lay down the vocal track in the final hours of the last day in the studio.


Fun facts about “The More You Know” and “I Want Everything”

– The fuzzy guitar tones were created by overdriving an analogue Neve 1073 pre-amp, and octave pedals are also used throughout

– Lead Guitarist Antii Kovacs had to record his combo amp disassembled due to an annoying, “f*cking loud” fan inside of the cabinet

– The drums were recorded using a number of room microphones including one under the drum stool, a mic in a closet, and oversized drums were used for a lower and bigger tone


The new singles pick up from the quartet’s fuzz-rocious 2016 single “Medicine”, which received spins on triple j Unearthed, and self-titled debut EP which was mastered by former Queens of the Stone Age live musician, and member of The Desert Sessions, John McBain.

The Dollar Bill Murrays will officially launch their ‘Always On’ EP at Brisbane’s The Zoo on Saturday the 6th of May. The quartet will then head south for a couple of shows along the East Coast, check below and follow The Dollar Bill Murrays (and Pompadour PR) on social media for more live dates.

The Dollar Bill Murrays ‘Always On’ EP Launch Shows


Frankies Pizza, Sydney


The Zoo, Brisbane


Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast