I Love Dick Trailer

…. Amen, sister! Yeah, ok, that joke backfired but the tv show does exist! Based on Chris Kraus’ acclaimed novel of the same name, Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn lead this new series from team Transparent. For the author, dear reader, it is so nice to see Hahn (who is the stand out support in Transparent, Bad Moms and most everything she appears in) take centre stage.

Synopsis: Adapted from Chris Kraus’s 1997 cult classic, combining feminist art criticism, memoir, and epistolary novel, “I Love Dick” is a bold new series from the team that brought you “Transparent.” Chris is a frustrated New York filmmaker who finds herself marooned in Marfa, Texas, where her erudite husband has a writing residency. Amid the dusty silence, art snobs, and tumbleweeds, she meets renowned scholar Dick. An infuriating and beguiling exchange with this enigmatic, macho character unleashes a dramatic awakening in her.

But this is not a story about Chris winning Dick’s love or approval, or revitalizing her stale marriage. Rather, Dick is a cipher for Chris’s creativity and intellect. Her infatuation fuels an erotic electricity that is her own, leading her to new thresholds as an artist. Exploring and innovating around female desire and subjectivity, the series liberates itself from television convention—playfully mining Kathryn Hahn’s multi-dimensional comedic range, the stark west Texas landscape, and a magic bag of riveting visual, textual, and narrative experiments.