MICF review: Joel Creasey, Poser

Razor wit, ridiculous self-sabotage and unexpectedly sweet mentor worship makes Poser anything but shallow. Just don’t expect politics – beyond the bedroom, that is.

Readily acknowledging that his comedy career is largely about getting as famous as possible as fast as possible, Joel Creasey’s new show Poser, currently bowing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, opens with a clip show of his many dapper televisual appearances. Well, mostly dapper. There was that one time, in the jungle, he stuck an ostrich eye in his mouth…

The dearly departed Carrie Fisher and Joan Rivers both appear briefly. Both women have deeply influenced the young man’s joyously camp sense of evisceration, largely of himself, but also other celebs of varying degrees of recognition value.

Poser is most unexpectedly lovely when he speaks about his one odd encounter with the former, revealing how Star Wars ties into his very origin story, and an incredibly supportive working relationship with the latter. Indeed, he was the warm-up act for Joan the night before she went into the coma that eventually resulted in her death. It was his birthday, and what she did for him is truly sublime.

But don’t think Poser is all soppy. As Creasey makes clear on entry, paying guests are safe from his merciless mocking or enforced participation. Anyone outside Max Watt’s basement is fair game, however, including the Irwin family, Hugh Jackman and Deborah-Lee Furness, and his own sister.

The most outrageous tale involves Creasey inveigling himself into a weekly gay dinner party held in his Docklands apartment block via social media and The Project, only to be horrified at the discovery they’re all ardent Trump supporters, then fall into an orgy with them anyway. His ridiculous heterosexual deflowering is also pant-wettingly funny, as is the Amsterdam-set encore. His rapid-fire wit is as irreverent as it is insatiably, irresistibly silly.

And yet the boy obviously has smarts, plus the sort of barely restrained charisma that’s likely to carry his already pretty successful career a good, long way. Though probably not to the White House any time soon.

Stephen A Russell @SARussellwords


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