Listen: ‘Artax’ by Mish! New Album April 21!

Sydney represents again, after blowing our minds with Creo and sleepmakeswaves, with Mish storming onto the scene with their scintillating new track Artax. It’s the first cut from the new album Entheogen which lands with us on April 21, 2017.

MISH have poured the hard experiences of the last half decade into one of the most cathartic and passionate records in the Australian underground. From one epic to the next, ‘Red Fortune’ to ‘Artax’ this is a record that leaps off of the precipice of the high water mark set by their debut.

MISH are a mysterious yet beautiful beast, with music as heavy as it is emotional. Their rare yet often-talked-about live shows have seen them earn high profile supports, whilsts also painstakingly producing just two full-length albums in their 11 years of existence.

The six-year development of ‘Entheogen’ follows the 5-year gestation of their debut album ‘The Entrance’ which was released in 2011 to universal critical acclaim through the progressive and metal underground and propelled the band to cult status amongst lovers of raw and energetic progressive metal. The band played in support of international icons such as Russian Circles, Pelican and sleepmakeswaves, earned radio play on triple j and hit the Top 10 on triple j’s Unearthed metal charts for a mammoth 16 weeks with their emotionally-charged track ‘A Fire Inside.’

The 11-year partnership between frontman/guitarist Rowland Hines and drummer Mark Johnstone has fuelled one of Australia’s most memorable live bands. Although rare, their recorded output finally brings one of Sydney’s most loved heavy acts to an international audience. Produced and recorded again with Clayton Segelov of The Brain Studios, the new album’s visceral production process follows the same path tread by their debut. The production of ‘The Entrance’ memorably saw Segelov ordering Rowls to run laps of the inner city studio block until visibly exhausted (chased and pushed by the studio assistant), then running back into the vocal booth to hurl the dogged and desperate howls which rip open the record. Informed by six years of turmoil, relationships and life experiences, ‘Entheogen’ once again finds a band on the cusp of catharsis, hungry for action yet reflective.

The album’s crushing riffs and metal-influenced breakdowns are reminiscent of acts such as Isis, Rosetta and Meshuggah – yet their unique melodicism sets them apart. Technically proficient, yet with masterfully crafted songwriting, make this act a unique and compelling listen for heavy music fans.

Entheogen’ is out 21 April through Bird’s Robe Records.