U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 31 Mar – Sun 2 April, 2017

As the holidays for Easter slowly begin to kick in along comes The Boss Baby (3,773 screens) to kick Beauty and the Beast off the top spot with a stellar $51.6m opening weekend on a $13,676 screen average. For DreamWorks Animation this is the best opening weekend since 2015’s Home ($52.1m opening weekend), outgunning 2016’s Trolls ($46.5m) and Kung Fu Panda 3 ($41.3m). That result pegs the film at a $175-$180m finish in the U.S. for the as yet unpublished budgeted film (ball park will be in the $130m range). Critics haven’t been all that kind to the film awarding it a 49% rotten score whilst audiences were much more amenable with a B cinemascore. This needs to reach around the $400m mark globally to make it a true success, Home landed at $386m, so there is every chance The Boss Baby can nudge it.

Beauty and the Beast (4,210 screens) dips 46% for weekend three to gobble up another $48.6m on an $11,543 screen average. Still mountains of juice left in the tank on this puppy as crosses $396.5m domestically. This should scale the $500m mark before all is said and done, too. Beasty will surpass Frozen‘s $400.7m gross tomorrow to become the 10th highest grossing film of all time for Disney as it chomps its way up the ladder disposing of Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 3, Toy Story 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Finding Dory to our prediction of a 4th best resting place.

Ghost in the Shell (3,440 screens) taps out with $20.3m on a modest $5,901 screen average. This one has got to sting Paramount Pictures as the film didn’t come cheap – $110m budget before publicity and marketing (so you could easily put that figure closer to $200m) – and the reactions have been severely divided. Critics didn’t love it appointing a 42% rotten score and an audience score has yet to be attained. White washing controversy aside, what is most interesting is how this has failed to open on the back of an established franchise title. In comparison 2014’s Scarlett Johannson led Lucy blitzed an opening with $43.9m to gross $126.7m domestically on the $40m picture with no established base behind it yet both in the same sci-fi genre. This is, at best, a $60m release in the U.S. and all eyes will be turning to international to drive the box office. China will be key here as, if it can open there, that could easily mean another $250m to the count. With Brad Grey now out of the Boss’ chair at Paramount and incumbent Jim Gianopulos stepping in, hopefully a cessation of expensive under performers is coming to the great studio. (Allied, Monster Trucks, Silence, Rings, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Star Trek: Beyond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Zoolander 2, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Terminator: Genisys)

Power Rangers (3,693 screens) falls apart in weekend 2, plummeting 66%, for a $13.67m on a $3,702 screen average. The strongest signal that the established sentimental fan base saw it on opening weekend and all the kids went to The Boss Baby this frame, the film is now sitting on $64.2m domestically as it heads for a $100m finish. It’s a disappointing turn of events after such a promising opening weekend for the $100m production which will have now crossed $100m in global combined sales. This one needs to hit north of $350m to really make it a viable success in terms of franchise strategy so all eyes turn to China and Japan, who’ve yet to release the film, to raise its fiscal hopes.

Kong: Skull Island (3,141 screens) takes $9.1m for weekend 4 to bring the gross to $148.1m. With a $2,897 screen average, the screen count will drop substantially this weekend and a $160m+ finish is best case scenario. The $185m production has crossed $410m internationally so it is by no means a bomb, kiddies! Will it break even theatrically when it would’ve cost another $100m in P&A?

Logan (2,323 screens) nabs another $6.5m for its 5th weekend to bring to cume to $212.2m domestically. With a $2,798 screen average, the sun is definitely setting on the movie and a $220m finish line most likely. This will concrete it, as we predicted, as the 3rd highest grossing X-Men film of all time behind X-Men: Days of Future Past ($234m) and X-Men: The Last Stand ($234.4m).

Get Out (1,844 screens) crosses $157m for its 6th weekend frame. This should hit $175m before it taps out. It should hold screens fairly well this week given none of the newcomers are particularly strong or life threatening to this genre piece.

Life (3,146 screens) drops 55% in week 2 for 5.58m on a deathly $1,774 screen average. Watch that screen count halve this weekend as the exhibitors and Sony go head to head to vie for screen space.

CHiPs (2,464 screens) also fell over (again) in weekend 2 earning $4m on a $1,623 screen average. Accumulating $14.3m in ticket sales on a $25m budget, the film’s a bomb and it’ll start to disappear from screens this weekend with the following being its complete demise. $17m finish.

The Zookeeper’s Wife (541 screens) opens to $3.2m on a modest $5,915 screen average. The Niki Caro directed feature starring Jessica Chastain was mixed in its critical reception, landing a 58% rotten score.

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Figures from Deadline

1.) The Boss Baby (20th Century Fox/DWA), 3,773 theaters  / $15.6M Fri. (includes $1.5M in previews) / 3-day: $51.6M Wk 1

2.) Beauty and the Beast (DIS), 4,210 theaters  / $13.1m Fri. (-34%) / 3-day: $48.6M (-46%)/ Total: $396.5M/Wk 3

3.) Ghost in the Shell (PAR/DWA/REL), 3,440 theaters  / $7.6M Fri. (includes $1.8M) / 3-day: $20.3M /Wk 1

4.) Saban’s Power Rangers (LGF), 3,693 theaters  (0)/ $4m Fri. (-73%) / 3-day: $13.67M (-66%)/Total: $64.2M/ Wk 2

5.) Kong: Skull Island (20th/Leg), 3,141 theaters (-525) / $2.3M Fri. (-37%) / 3-day: $9.1M (-38%)/Total: $148.1M/Wk 4

6.) Logan (Fox), 2,323 theaters  (-840)/ $1.71M Fri. (-34%) / 3-day: $6.5M (-37%)/Total: $212.2M/Wk 5

7.) Get Out (UNI), 1,844 theaters (-630) / $1.73M Fri. (-31%) / 3-day: $6M (-32%)/Total: $157M/Wk 6

8.) Life (Skydance/Sony), 3,146 theaters  (0)/ $1.65M Fri. (-63%) / 3-day: $5.58M (-55%)/Total: $22.38M/ Wk 2

9.) CHIPS (WB), 2,464 theaters (0) / $1.1M Fri. (-55%) / 3-day: $4M (-48%)/ Total: $14.3M /Wk 2

10.) Zookeeper’s Wife (FOC), 541 theaters  / $998K Fri. / 3-day: $3.2M/ Wk 1