Listen: ‘Lay Me Down’ by Travis Marsh featuring G. Herbo

Time for some deep dub step R&B from Travis Marsh featuring G. Herbo with this pearler new track Lay Me Down. With his roots firmly planted in California, Marsh is a multi-talented musician that’s just at home with a guitar in his hands as dropping beats like this!

About (via Facebook):  Travis Marsh is a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist who embodies different musical ideas, flirting with genres as diverse as alternative rock, folk and pop. Echoing the mercurial personality of Ryan Adams and the in-your-face rock attitude of Iggy Pop in equal doses. Travis is all about mixing memorable melodies with great energy!

After touring last year with Country artist Joel Crouse, Travis eventually returned to his hometown of LA, where he set out to focus on his solo work, blurring the lines between rock, country and pop. Also an accomplished Producer.

Twitter: @travis_marsh
Instagram: @travis_marsh
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