Barunga Festival 2017 Announced! Missy Higgins, Skinnyfish Sound System On Line Up!

The Northern Territory’s celebrated Barunga Festival returns in 2017 and the lien up this year, which includes a hugely diverse range of performances, sports and community participation activities, has also nabbed Missy Higgins, Bunna Laurie and Skinnyfish Sound System. Check out the press release below and get your asses to the NT in June


With thirty-three years as Indigenous Australia’s premier destination for music, sport and culture, Barunga holds a special place in the nation’s history as the birthplace of Bob Hawke’s Barunga Statement which called for a Treaty with Indigenous people which was the inspiration for Yothu Yindi‟s iconic anthem.

The event attracts over 4000 people to the Northern Territory, showcasing the Katherine region in all its aesthetic and cultural beauty. With an audience of over 65% Indigenous attendees, the event has become an important and immersive experience for both Australians and travellers seeking a unique and authentic experience of Indigenous Australia.

This year’s event sees an amazing lineup of musical talent including Missy Higgins, Bunna Laurie, Skinnyfish Sound System as well as a special appearance by Justine Clarke who will perform with students from the Barunga School and Coloured Stone who will be celebrating their 40-year anniversary.

“I had such an amazing experience at Barunga Festival when I attended a few years ago,” said Missy Higgins. “I loved being immersed in the local culture and getting to see some really awesome bands from surrounding communities. I’m super excited to go back this time to be a part of the musical line up.”

Jawoyn Junior Guides (Barunga School students) design and lead tours of their community and the surrounding bush, providing an authentic Barunga arrival as well as a unique learning experience for the students. traditional dance, spear throwing, didgeridoo (‘yidaki’) playing, weaving, damper making, storytelling both between generations and cultures. Audiences can engage inpass on knowledge and experience, with the festival offering a unique platform to Culture is also an important pillar of the Barunga experience

the opportunity to showcase their talent to a large crowd. The sports program is run at all levels with both high level abilities and family groups catered for, where you may see mothers, daughters and grandmothers playing on the same softball team. Indigenous sports starscompetitions, giving some of Australia‟s best up and coming softball andAustralian Rules, basketball from across the NT, East Kimberley, Queensland and Central Australia will come together to participate in sport an important part of remote community life, over 45 teams run on the Friday night of the festival by students from the local school. Barunga Disco hip hop program will also culminate with the Barunga Beats and more. The B2M, The Lonely Boyss main stage each night including Barunga’Over fifteen other bands from all over the Territory will also descend on “We had emerged early that day from campsites among the paperbarks and pandanus trees of Barunga’s bushland backyards. Some joined a Kriol language class by the river (”light Kriol” is primary among the seven first tongues spoken here) or watched a barefoot basketball game between teams from places such as Papunya, near Alice Springs, or Kununurra in Western Australia.

Kids spent the day in a fury of fun on a water slide and a climbing wall, while white women sat with a local woman, Diane, weaving baskets from pandanus fronds and marvelling at how long it took. Nearby, in the sun, white men endeavoured to strip and sand termite-hollowed logs into didgeridoos under the watchful eye of Barunga local Jamie Ahfat.
Kate Hennessy – The Guardian

The event has a healthy food policy, with a range of cuisines on offer as well as a 100% drug, smoke and alcohol free policy to ensure the family spirit of the Barunga community is maintained. A road safety short film competition will also be held in communities throughout the leadup to Barunga with shortlisted films screened under a blanket of stars on the main stage big screen.

Barunga is not about political dialogue or fine art sales, it is an inclusive community event that doesn‟t talk about reconciliation, it lives it. It is a platform for cross cultural participation for both Indigenous and non- Indigenous alike, where Australians eat together, dance together, play together, learn together and meet each other‟s families.

Barunga isn’t staged for cameras or created for tourists. Barunga is a real community welcoming you to their home to celebrate all that is great about being Australian through their eyes. Whether you fly, drive or walk, make sure Barunga is on your calendar this June and change the way you see Australia.

Tickets Are Available Now via Moshtix or at the gate

General Admission – $50 (+ bf)
General Admission youth 12 – 17yo – $15 (+bf)
General Admission child 5 – 11yo – $5 (+bf)