U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 17 Mar – Sun 19 Mar, 2017

Please welcome the new opening weekend record holder for March Beauty and the Beast (4,210 screens) which stormed the U.S. box office for a predicted $173.5m weekend. That puts the screen average at $41,211 which, for a mega-wide release, is a stunning result. Sporting a 71% fresh score critically, the film is enjoying a unanimous A cinemascore from audiences and is behaving like the 4 quadrant picture it is. The film is also the highest grossing opening weekend of all time for a musical and has already completely outgrossed the domestic life takings of Chicago, La La Land, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia! and Into The Woods. That result puts the $160m budgeted production (with another $140m spent on P&A) in the $450-$500m range for a domestic result BEFORE international starts to roll in.

Kong: Skull Island (3,846 screens) slips 58% week on week for a $25.7m weekend on a solid $6,682 screen average. The $185m production has now crossed $107m domestically and has hit near on $220m in global combined grosses. This needs to stabilise its business and hold ground over the next few weeks for the film to get up near the $450m mark to make it a success for the studio. With Life, Power Rangers, Chips and Ghost in the Shell coming in the next two weeks, it’s a big ask for this ape to remain king. $170m finish.

Logan (3,687 screens) drops another 55% for a $17m weekend to bring the domestic take to $183.5m off a $97m budget. With $485m in worldwide ticket sales, this is a big hit for 20th Century Fox and Marvel considering at this time last year we had Deadpool blitzing the field. It’s looking to come in around the $215m mark which, if it does, will finish as the 3rd highest grossing X-Men franchise film behind X-Men: Days of Future Past ($233m) and X-Men: The Last Stand ($234m).

Get Out (2,979 screens) rakes in another $12.8m succumbing to a 38% drop from last weekend. That brings the haul to $132.7m for the $4.5m budgeted film. Stunning, just stunning!

The Shack (2,825 screens) drops another 42% for a $5.8m weekend to bring the take to $42.3m. It’ll nip at the heels of a $55m finish.

The Lego Batman Movie (2,735 screens) fell 34% week on week for a $5m weekend. It lost 568 screens from last weekend yet held up surprisingly well against the might of Beauty and the Beast. With $167.7m in the tin and a $180m finish most likely it’s still a good $77m behind The Lego Movie‘s $257.7m haul. By no means a disaster AT ALL but still, this could’ve done a lot better given the strength of the brands involved.

The Belko Experiment (1,341 screens) opens to $3.4m on a very soft $2,535 screen average. The $5m budgeted horror flick didn’t land well with critics who awarded it a 47% rotten score. This will be all over for $9m.

T2 Trainspotting (5 screens) opens to $191,000 on a muscular $38,200 screen average. Danny Boyle’s long awaited follow up, which has already released in key territories, enjoyed a 76% fresh score from critics. This isn’t slated to go wider, the original was an indy hit Stateside grossing $16.5m off a total of 357 screens, but that doesn’t seem to be the strategy here. $3m.

Song To Song (4 screens) opened respectably with $55,000 on a $13,700 screen average. Malick’s moody music piece scored a 61% fresh score from critics and is also buoyed from the world premiere at SXSW last week.

Raw (9 screens) adds 7 locations and jumps up 69% for a $42,000 weekend on a $4,667 screen average. With $77k in the kitty for this French horror hit, it’s a good sign for the film to head to a $150-$200k finish if they can hold onto a strong screen average.

In Cinemas Friday 24 March, 2017 – Power Rangers, Life, CHiPS, Slamma Jamma, Wilson, Phillauri

Figures form Deadline

1.) Beauty And The Beast (Disney), 4,210 theaters  / $64.1M Fri. (includes $16.3M in previews) / 3-day: $173.5M /Wk 1

2.) Kong: Skull Island (20th/Leg), 3,846 theaters (0)  / $7.3M Fri. (-63%) / 3-day: $25.7M (-58%)/Total: $107M/Wk 2

3.) Logan (Fox), 3,687 theaters  (-384)/ $4.7M Fri. (-54%) / 3-day: $17M (-55%)/Total: $183.5M/Wk 3

4.) Get Out (UNI), 2,979 theaters (-164) / $3.7M Fri. (-37%) / 3-day: $12.8M (-38%)/Total: $132.7M/Wk 4

5.) The Shack (LG), 2,825 theaters (-63) / $1.6M Fri. (-40%) / 3-day: $5.8M (-42%) /Total: $42.3M/Wk 3

6). The LEGO Batman Movie (WB), 2,735 theaters (-568) / $1.2M Fri. (-27%) / 3-day: $5M (-34%) / Total: $167.7M/Wk 6

7.) The Belko Experiment (BHT/ORN), 1,341 theaters  / $1.5M Fri. (includes $306K in previews) / 3-day: $3.4M /Wk 1

8.) Hidden Figures (FOX), 1,162 theaters (-259)/ $390K Fri. (-45%) / 3-day: $1.48M (-45%) / Total: $165.5M / Wk 13

9.) John Wick: Chapter 2(LGF), 1,065 theaters (-966) / $299K Fri. (-57%) / 3-day: $1.08M (-60%) / Total:$89.7M Wk 6

10.) Before I Fall  (OR), 1,551 theaters (-795) / $299K Fri. (-69%) / 3-day: $958K (-68%)/Total: $11.2M/Wk 3

11.) Lion (TWC) 621 theaters (-339)/$176K (-48%)/3-day: $672K (-49%)/Total: $49.9M/Wk 17


T2 Trainspotting (Sony/Tri-Star), 5 theaters  / $62k Fri. /PTA: $38k/ 3-day: $191k/Wk 1

Personal Shopper (IFC), 22 theaters (+11)  / $34K Fri  (+22%)/PTA: $3k/ 3-day: $101K (+28%)/Total: $212K/ Wk 2

Song To Song (BG), 4 theaters  / $17K Fri. /PTA: $13,7K/ 3-day: $55k /Wk 1

Raw (FOC), 9 theaters (+7)  / $14K Fri  (+60%)/PTA: $4,4k/ 3-day: $42K (+69%)/Total: $77K/ Wk 2