Scream Season 3 to be a Reboot?

MTV’s greenlit 6 episode third season of their problematic and dwindling Scream TV series, in conjunction with Dimension TV, is looking to reboot the show as the search still rages on for a new showrunner. The series has never maintained a showrunner past a single season.

MTV itself has gone through a corporate restructure and for Scream, which had its 3rd season given the go ahead in a truncated 6 episodes (Season 1 – 13 episodes, Season 2 – 10 episodes) before that, the idea is to completely reboot the story rather than carry on with the existing narrative. (And why not? The show in its current state is awful)

The original season averaged circa 740k viewers per episode, season two dropped to 377k which is in line with its less than stellar reception. Deadline reports that MTV is definitely committed to the series and writes:

The plan is tentative as the project is still searching for a new showrunner who would shape the concept for Season 3, but I hear MTV, which just went through a major regime overhaul, remains committed to the series. While the new showrunner may opt to include references to events and characters from the first two seasons, I hear the idea is to start fresh by reimagining the cult title.