Hampstead Trailer

Joel Hopkins (Last Chance Harvey) returns with this new older generational romantic comedy Hampstead. Diane Keaton (Love The Coopers, Five Flights Up, And So It Goes), who seems to spending her current career making these rom-com’s as a daffy, neurotic American, returns as a daffy, neurotic American planted in London and winning the affections of Brendan Gleeson.

Synopsis: A romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson, Hampstead is set in Hampstead Village, London, home to the beautiful Heath, a quiet piece of countryside in the middle of the metropolis. Living on the edge of the Heath is American widow Emily Walters (Keaton), who can’t quite focus on the things that need attention in her life, like her lovely old apartment, her finances or even her son. Everything changes when she meets the eccentric, unkempt Donald (Gleeson), who has lived harmoniously on the Heath for 17 years in a ramshackle hut. Now his lifestyle is under threat as property developers use heavy-handed tactics in an attempt to evict him. As Emily steps up to defend Donald in the escalating battle, she soon finds that, despite his gruff exterior, there is something gentle and alluring about Donald.