U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 24 Feb – Sun 26 Feb, 2017

It’s one of the provocative, thematically relevant releases of the year and, not surprisingly, the low budget horror flick Get Out (2,781 screens) has blitzed the box office to take the gold with a $29m opening weekend on a $10,428 screen average. Jordan Peele’s film (He’s one half of Key & Peele) is also enjoying stunning critical reviews holding a 100% Fresh score on rotten tomatoes and an A- Cinemascore. To make matters even more impressive, the film cost $4.5m to produce so there’s absolutely no doubt it’s already working in profit for the Blumhouse Productions/Universal title. This should hit around $75m. What a year for Blumhouse!

The Lego Batman Movie (4,057 screens) slips 45% in weekend 3 for $18m to bring the gross to $132m domestically. This puppy is pulling up a lot sharper than anticipated with a finish line more around the $170-$180m mark now. With Disney’s Beauty and the Beast looming in a fortnight, this Dark Knight needs to stave off those sharp drops over the next few weekends to push that number up.

John Wick: Chapter Two (2,954 screens) takes bronze with $8.6m to bring the gross to $74m. What a result. This will nudge  $90-$95m to finish which is 121% higher than the original’s $43m domestic gross…. And, yes, finally we have an Australian release date of May 11, 2017.

The Great Wall (3,328 screens) ain’t doing so great in week 2 as it falls 56% for $8m to bring the life gross domestically to $33.7m. All the pundits have been decrying the film for being a disaster yet, given the massive international performance (the film has grossed circa $280m globally on a $150m budget), and that have the film is in Mandarin – is that result really that bad? I think it’s a bit unfair to crucify it based on the star power and it should be signaled as a measure of a changing focus of bilingual narrative output that is slowly being embraced by domestic audiences.

Fifty Shades Darker (3,216 screens) drops 64% for a $7.6m weekend to bring the U.S. take to $103m. From here a $120m finish is most likely, which is 28% behind the original’s $166m take, yet on a budget of $55m and an international haul hovering around $300m, it’s all roses for this little franchise.

Hidden Figures (2,022 screens) takes circa $5.8m for the weekend to come in just shy of $153m on the eve of Oscars. With about $12-$15m left in the kitty, it’s going to come within a hair’s breath of The Help‘s $169.7m final tally. All that on a $25m budget, with another $25m coming in internationally thus far, and Hidden Figures is one helluva profitable hit!

Fist Fight (3,185 screens) bombs out in week 2, falling 59%, for a $5.8m weekend to bring the gross to $22.6m. Wasn’t loved to begin with and the introduction of Get Out would’ve usurped the entire audience for this.

La La Land (1,733 screes) takes a further $4.7m for week 12 to bring the haul to $141m domestically on the eve of its predicted stellar run at the Oscars.

Rock Dog (2,077 screens) was a dog alright, opening to a disastrous $3.7m on a $1,781 screen average. The animated flick wasn’t particularly well received by critics with a 46% rotten score yet audiences gave it a B cinemascore. This will be all over for $9m. The Lionsgate/Summit flick, which was dumped on this date just to clear the shelves and have it hit home entertainment for summer, is more of a profiling exercise for them. Their theatrical concerns only swirl around La La Land and the hopeful Oscar windfall.

Split (1,901 screens) crosses $130.7m domestically as it limps in another $4m for its 6th weekend.

Lion (1,802 screens) takes another $3.7m to bring to U.S. haul to $42.65m. The film has crossed $88m globally with $25m of that coming from Australia alone!

Collide (2,045 screens), or Autobahn depending on when you first encountered the film, bombs breathtakingly with $1.5m on a $733 screen average. Obviously trying to leverage of Felicity Jones’ star power from Rogue One and Nicholas Hoult’s from the X-Men films, it’s proof that star power alone isn’t enough to open a film these days.  For Open Road, this’ll be a costly disaster and will be all over for about $4m.

My Life as a Zucchini (2 screens) finally debuts the weekend of Oscars and scores a $24k weekend on a $12,000 screen average. Nice work! Sitting on a stunning 100% Fresh (everybody loves this film), a win at Oscars would certainly boost the domestic prospects though that is highly unlikely for the simple fact that most of the Academy voters probably haven’t seen it.

In Cinemas Friday 3 March, 2017 – Logan, The Shack, Before I Fall

Figures from Deadline

1). Get Out (UNI), 2,781 theaters / $10.8M Fri. (includes $1.8M in previews) / 3-day: $28M to $29M /Wk 1

2). The LEGO Batman Movie (WB), 4,057 theaters (-31) / $4.27M Fri. (-45%) / 3-day: $17.5M to $18M+ (-45%) / Total: $131M to $132M+/ Wk 3

3. John Wick: Chapter 2 (LGF), 2,954theaters (-159) / $2.48M Fri. (-42%) / 3-day: $8.6M (-48%) / Total:$74M / Wk 3

4. The Great Wall (UNI/LEG), 3,328 theaters (+3) / $2.36M Fri. (-60%) / 3-day: $8M (-56%) / Total: $33.7M / Wk 2

5. Fifty Shades Darker (UNI), 3,216 theaters (-498) / $2.6 M Fri. (-61%) / 3-day: $7.35M to $7.6M (-62% to 64%) / Total: $103M+ / Wk 3

6/7). Hidden Figures (FOX), 2,022 theaters (-195) / $1.58M Fri. (-14%) / 3-day: $5.6M to $5.8M (-18%) / Total: $152.8M / Wk 10

Fist Fight (WB/NL), 3,185 theaters (0) / $1.7M Fri. (-54%) / 3-day: $5.7M to $5.8M (-59%) / Total: $22.6M / Wk 2

8). La La Land (LGF), 1,733 theaters (+146) / $1.2M Fri (+8%) / 3-day: $4.4M to $4.7M (-3%) / Total: $140.7M to $141M / Wk 12

9/10). Rock Dog (LGF), 2,077 theaters / $888K Fri. / 3-day: $3.5M to $3.7M / Wk 1

Split (UNI/BLUM), 1,901 theaters (-544) / $1.17M Fri. (-38%) / 3-day: $3.78M to $4M (-44%) / Total: $130.7M / Wk 6

Lion (TWC) 1,802 theaters (+260) / $1M Fri. (-2%) / 3-day: $3.68M (-12%) / Total: $42.65M / Wk 14

Collide (OR/IM Global), 2,045 theaters / $538K Fri. / 3-day: $1.5M /Wk 1

A Cure for Wellness (FOX/NEW REG), 2,704 theaters / $430K Fri. (-72%) / 3-day: $1.3M to $1.4M (-68%) / Total: $7.45M / Wk 2

My Life as a Zucchini (GKIDS), 2 theaters / $6,900K Fri. / Per screen average: $12,250K / 3-day: $24K+ / Wk 1