Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ Goes to Netflix

It what has to be the most expensive and highest profile acquisition for the streaming network, Netflix has secured Martin Scorsese’s $100m gangster flick The Irishman that stars Robert De Niro. Inking the deal for global rights, Netflix apparently stepped in with a $105m offer to bank roll the film after original Mexican financier Fabrica De Cine’s Gaston Pavlovich fell through.

The picture, whose current home is at Paramount with a $50m buy in from STX Entertainment, caused a bidding war at Cannes 2016 with Fox, Lionsgate and Universal all throwing bids at it. The original budget of $150m, which Deadline reports is why Fabrica De Cine fell through, was for the extensive visual effects work required to make his cast look much younger than they are.

The film is based on Charles Brandt’s 2008 book I Heard You Paint Houses.