Listen: ‘Hallways’ by TEST

Back to the Los of Angeles now with punk faves TEST and their new li’l ripper Hallways. There’s just something so refreshing about their stripped back, crunchy sound. Loaded with youthful enthusiasm, chunky riff work and bellowing lyrics – this ain’t a hard way to spend 3 minutes of your time, peoples!


LA punk trio TEST have released their newest single “Hallways” which premiered yesterday at New Noise Magazine. The single is the band’s second of 2017, following the release of “7th Street Metro” in January.
TEST is a Los Angeles-based trio of young men who have bonded like brothers over brisk, gritty rock with punk abandon. In 2015, the group clandestinely moved into a windowless, lockout rehearsal space in Vernon (a corrupt, autonomous city of industry within L.A. and prominently featured in the second season of HBO’s True Detective). Surrounded by colossal warehouses, garment factories, and meatpacking plants, it was in this smelly, industrial urbanscape that Blake Stokes (vocals/guitar) and Wayne Meza (bass) collectively forged their intense tone along with drummer Morgan Ponder. And while sustaining on generic instant noodles and only taking showers at truck stops, TEST wrote songs about battling inner demons, hating their day jobs, and living in a concrete wasteland.
“‘Hallways’ is about what living on the peripheries of day to day society was like for me,” explains vocalist/guitarist Blake Stokes. “It’s about feeling isolated, it’s about feeling angry, it’s about getting fucked up as a means of escape and then riding around LA on its illustrious public transportation system. It’s a true story.”
TEST will play their single release show at The HiHat in Los Angeles on February 20th – details + tickets can be found HERE. For more information on TEST, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.