Listen: ‘Promises’ by Kalli Ma

Take us to London, oh Aza, Take us!! Alright, kiddies, here in Ye Olde London Towne we find ourselves as audience for dynamic burgeoning techno duo Kalli Ma (is that a reference to the big bad God in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?) and their cranking new track Promises.


Taking inspiration from disparate sources and immediately bending genre boundaries rules, Kalli Ma operates from their own studio in a community creative space just off Holloway Road. There they cook up their love of techno, punk and electro armed with a hybrid of digital and analog synths channeled through via all kinds of sound effects and repetition.
Kalli Ma have confirmed a few London shows and DJ sets in February and March:
02/03/2017 live at Brixton Jamm with Wolfgang Flur (Kraftwerk)
15/03/2017 DJ Set with Cold Cave and Drab Majesty
16/03/2017 DJ Set with Atari Teenage Riot