Listen: ‘Bobby’ by Sunhaus

Heading to Brisbane for this gorgeous new track from quartet Sunhaus. Bobby marks the first single from their  E.P. About Yesterday which released today! Emotive, harmonic and quietly personal – it’s a gorgeous song and well worth your time!

Go, Aussie, Go!


After a huge year since their debut live show, Sunhaus are excited to announce the release of their spellbinding debut EP ‘About Yesterday’ (released 10th of February) and supporting tour dates along Australia’s East Coast.

Influenced by The National, Frightened Rabbit, and Death Cab for Cutie, the Brisbane quartet first burst onto the local scene with their acclaimed debut single ‘Realignment’ in April 2016, which received spins on Triple J’s ‘Roots N All’ and across community radio.

Their debut EP ‘About Yesterday’, which follows in the musical footsteps of Ball Park Music, features the band’s debut single ‘Realignment’ and most recent single ‘Bobby’ along with three previously unreleased quirky, charming, and melancholic alt-rock tunes.

The EP begins as a lost-love lullaby by Geraghty in ‘Games’ (a shorter radio edit is available in PR assets) as he’s slowly supported by dreamy harmonies. In typical Sunhaus fashion, the rhythm section joins to create a tasty upbeat soundscape anchored by Geraghty’s powerful voice that just seems to soar higher and higher as the song continues.

The second track brings the joyfully heartbreaking melodies and driving percussion of ‘Bobby’ (released November, 2016), in which singer/guitarist Aidan Geraghty’s voice intimately guides listeners through the journey of losing someone close.

Premiered on Tone Deaf, the emotive music video for ‘Bobby’ showed Sunhaus’ frustration towards Australia’s same-sex marriage laws.

Geraghty said with the release of the ‘Bobby’ video, “We are all passionately supportive of the LGBTQIAP+ community and are deeply saddened by Australia’s marriage inequality, so to present a realistic display of love between two people of the same gender on screen is what we had decided on from the beginning.”

‘Home’ slowly lifts the melancholic spell Sunhaus so skilfully cast with a summertime gem. The instrumentation is closer to a Sticky Fingers slow-burner, while Dave Skitmore’s (Bass) shouty vocals are surprisingly reminiscent of Foals’ debut album. There’s nothing but sunny vibes in this track, spearheaded by Kinraid’s warm vocals juxtaposing lyrics about feeling lost.

“’Home’ is an exploration of how it feels to be out of place in your own home. For me it’s about a kid dealing with abuse. But this song is for anyone who finds themselves not knowing how to deal with something and end up laughing at the ridiculous misery they’re in. Like the song says, it’s a bit masochistic,” says Madeleine Kinraid.

Following on is Sunhaus’ debut single ‘Realignment’ (released March 2016) that explores life through rose coloured glasses and unrequited love. The track was well recieved as a first debut premiering on and national radio play on Triple J.

Sunhaus’ debut EP ‘About Yesterday’ is rounded out by the graceful slowburner ‘Come Around’. The opening harmonies of Geraghty and keyboardist Madeleine Kinraid blossom into a warm upbeat refrain, while the track also highlights the rockier side of Sunhaus with the surprisingly chaotic outro topped with roaring overdriven guitar and passionate harmonising vocals.

“’Come Around’ is written in three parts, so think of it like a caterpillar’s complete metamorphosis: focusing on the painful transition of growing into something completely different than you were. The reprise of the line from ‘Bobby’ where we yell, “It’s a long way to wherever you’re going to/It’s a long way to get to where you’re surely due”, I think of that part as the cathartic shedding of those feelings,” says Geraghty.

Overall, Sunhaus’ debut EP ‘About Yesterday’ is an enchanting blend of alt-rock soundscapes, beautifully layered vocal harmonies, and honest lyricism. Sunhaus will commence their EP tour in early February, playing intimate venues in Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Singer/guitarist Aidan Geraghty and keyboardist Madeleine Kinraid are available for interview requests, and please contact Kick Push PR to organise media passes for any of Sunhaus’ upcoming shows.

Sunhaus ‘About Yesterday’ EP East Coast Tour  
Thursday, 9th February
Rad, Wollongong w/ The Dardi Shades, Barry & The Kids and East
Coast Swag
Saturday, 11th February
Phoenix Bar, Canberra w/ Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers and Azim
Zain & His Lovely Bones
Thursday, 16th February
The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne w/ by July Days and special guests
Sunday, 19th February
  The Record Crate, Sydney w/ by The Dardi Shades
Thursday, 2nd March
  The Junk Bar, Brisbane w/ Asha Jefferies and Wearn
More information about Sunhaus can be found in their bio, found here.
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