Friday The 13th Put to Death at Paramount?

We’d already let slip that Paramount had pulled the long in development Friday The 13th reboot from the October date this year and maybe, I thought, just maybe it was due to too tight a schedule to finish it in time. Well, I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m wrong.

Rumour is that Paramount Pictures won’t be making the film at all with a couple of major reasons for the cancellation being a rights shift to WB/New Line in 2018 and the fall-out from Rings being extremely disappointing at the box office.

Bloody Disgusting reports:

From what we understand (from the initial story in which rights to Interstellar were swapped for “South Park’s” Cartman and Friday the 13th), Warner Bros./New Line were to get the rights to the franchise back in 2018, so it seems likely that the next Friday the 13th film will not be made by Paramount.

The Hollywood Reporter elaborates:

The film was in preproduction and, while not cast, heading toward a production start in mid-March.

The exact reason for the move is unclear, although one factor could be the poor performance of the studio’s horror movie, Rings. That pic, which like Friday the 13th was to have restarted a horror franchise, cost $25 million and bowed to $13 million over the weekend.

Sources say that execs quickly began second-guessing Friday the 13th, believing it would have chased the same audience, although others point out that the project is on the opposite spectrum of the horror scale.

Deadline chimes in with:

Friday the 13th which is moving off the Melrose Lot’s schedule. Par has bounced this one around the schedule, trying to get it to happen. In the wake of Rings not resonating this weekend at the B.O., particularly at the height of its previous two early ’00s pics, it seems like there are second thoughts here with a horror franchise reboot.

Jason, baby, it’s all over at Paramount!