As ‘World War Z 2’ gets Shelved, Pitt Circles ‘Ad Astra’

The struggles to find a director for World War Z 2 seems to have consumed the production so much so that the project has been shelved at this stage. Yet the wheels of Hollywood keep on turning as star Brad Pitt is now circling James Gray’s long gestating sci-fi pic Ad Astra.

Originally titled To The Stars, Ad Astra tells the tale of an autistic space engineer who takes on a one way mission to find out if there’s extra terrestrial life. It’s the same mission his father attempted and failed to complete. The production was in development at Paramount (which is also home to World War Z 2) but the trades report a move to New Regency is most likely.

For James Gray and Brad Pitt, the pair having been trying to work together for years. Pitt was originally attached to The Gray Man but that fell through and he also gave Gray The Lost City of Z book to adapt as a star vehicle for him.

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