The 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival is Coming! Just Accept It!

Running from March 29 – April 23, 2017, this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival boasts some pretty wicked talent including Ruby Wax, Jenny Eclair, Richard Gadd, Abandoman, David O’Doherty, James Acaster, James Veitch, and Keiran Hodgson just to name a few. Other highlights include Soap, Assisted Suicide: The Musical, Desperate & Dateless, The Wine Bluffs, Go to Hell!, The Lucky Ones, Let Us Do This, Barry Morgan is Out of this World, Roommates: The Musical, Cull and Aborigilol.

MICF official just dropped this press release below and be sure to catch a show at Town Hall, Malthouse Theatre, Trades Hall, ACMI or any of the other venues hosting it this year!

(Hero image is from the show SOAP playing at Malthouse Theatre)


Each year the Melbourne International Comedy Festival handpicks some of the best international acts from around the globe and brings them to Melbourne for your laughing pleasure.

Highlights from this year’s line-up include the drop dead gorgeous, sassy and smart RUBY WAX (USA) with her new one-woman show, based on her best-selling book ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’. Once crazy, now less so, Ruby brings us a tour of the mind – how to use it and not lose it.

JENNY ECLAIR (UK) returns to Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the first time since 2013 with a new show that puts ageing under the microscope. Professional grumpy old woman, semi-bearded and suffering from outbreaks of gout and hysteria, Eclair takes us on a riotous romp through the ups and downs of her middle age, as she decides whether to laugh, cry or buy a dachshund!

Arriving for his Australian debut, the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner RICHARD GADD (UK) presents a bare-all show exploring mental illness, masculinity in the modern world and the real monkey he has been dying to get off his back for the past six years. Richard’s show is frank, funny and highly original – an incredibly well-crafted piece of theatrical comedy.

Worldwide festival favourites ABANDOMAN (IRL/UK) make their much-anticipated Melbourne debut. The comedy hip-hop improv masters expertly play off audience suggestions, turning them into lyrical and laugh-out-loud musical triumphs.

Armed with his trademark crappy keyboard from 1986, DAVID O’DOHERTY (IRL) returns with a new show. The self-professed ‘very, very low budget Enya’ finds himself with a head full of dreams and a heart full of hope. It’s been a tough time for humanity, but David O’Doherty is going to fix everything. Seriously. Think of anything that’s wrong in the world or with your life now. Yep, that’s one of the things he’s definitely going to fix.

The UK’s master of satire ANDY ZALTZMAN (UK) returns to the Festival with his new show Plan Z. The host of the relaunched global hit podcast The Bugle (which he performed with long-time collaborator John Oliver from 2007 to 2015), Andy will concoct a complete solution to all the world’s problems. All of them. No exceptions. We are happy to announce two very special editions of THE BUGLE LIVE will be recorded during the Festival.

JAMES ACASTER (UK) returns with three of his best-loved shows! Pick and choose from the years you missed, or revisit your favourites. With all three being nominated for Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show it’ll be a sure fire hit whichever one you choose.

Responsible for the fastest TED Talk in the history of TED to reach over two million views, comedian, musician, director, writer and self-professed ‘scamp’ JAMES VEITCH (UK) will tackle suspicious emails, unclaimed insurance bonds and Nigerian princes in an unashamedly nerdy, creative and cheeky show that picks apart, parodies (and pranks) the technological world we live in.

JOSIE LONG (UK) returns with her lovely, silly, optimistic show about politics. While heartbroken at the state of the world, Josie is introspective and enthusiastic, a positive political rabble-rouser in the face of uncertain times. ‘Something Better’ is a brand new show about trying to be hopeful when the world is, quite frankly, being a total arsehole.

Two-time nominee for the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show, KIERAN HODGSON (UK) ventures to Australia for the first time with his spectacular character/narrative comedy show. ‘Maestro’ is a story about trying to find love when you’re the kind of loser who writes classical music instead of playing football.

The weird and truly wonderful PAUL FOOT (UK) aka Professor Ketchup, returns to Australia with a brand new show, delving further into the uniquely surreal and fantastical world he creates. This year, Foot joins forces with his camembert piglet to tackle the big issues such as terrorism, Kim Jong-un Kardashian, immigration, X-Factor and breakfast.

Glaswegian LARRY DEAN (UK) returns to Melbourne with his solo debut. In a show about emotional detachment and an absent love life, Larry’s keen comic mind shines through his languid and loveable demeanour.

Setting the comedy scene alight with fresh, original, trendsetting performances this year’s UK comedy trailblazers to be showcased in NEW ORDER (UK) are Ahir Shah, Brennan Reece, Emma Sidi and Steve Bugeja.

With a newly released stand-up special in the US and two Emmy nominations, South African comic LOYISO GOLA (STH AFR) will hit Australian shores for the first time. In his new show ‘Dude, Where’s My Lion?’ he brings us the taboo-busting comedy that made him a mega star in his homeland of South Africa.

After a stunning Australian debut in 2016 MAE MARTIN (CAN) is back with her new show ‘Dope’, which asks ‘who are we when we’re not addicted?’. Martin’s stand-up ‘whips through personal anecdotes and smartly written analogies’ (The Times) of a lifetime of obsession, fandom and addiction.

A star-spangled showcase of North America’s hottest comedy HEADLINERS (USA) returns for another dynamic season. Now that America is great again (!) we are bringing you stars of the late-night talk show telly scene, comedy club legends and podcast prodigies. Featuring: Alice Wetterlund, Jak Knight, Liza Treyger and Ryan Hamilton (30 Mar – 9 April), Fortune Feimster, Janelle James, Joe DeRosa and Orlando Baxter (11 – 23 April).

COMEDY ZONE ASIA returns for a third big year! This one-of-a-kind showcase brings the freshest and finest comedy from the region. The handpicked cast includes Rizal van Geyzel (Malaysia), Neeti Palta (India), Douglas Lim (Malaysia), Jinx Yeo (Singapore) and Sumit Anand (India). These performers are superstars across Asia – see them in Melbourne for a huge and hilarious dose of comedy culture!

India’s premier comedy festival is Melbourne-bound with the BENGALURU COMEDY FESTIVAL SHOWCASE. With the finest of India’s burgeoning comedy scene, this dynamic showcase includes New Delhi jokers Sumit Anand and Neeti Palta, Goa’s political dynamo Daniel Fernandes and Mumbai headliner and star of East India Comedy (85 million hits on YouTube) Sapan Verma.

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