Imperial Dreams Trailer

Although it stars John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) this is not a spin-off for the character yearning to return to the dark side. Imperial Dreams is all about a L.A. ex-con gang member looking to ditch his past for the sake of his son.

Synopsis: Bambi (John Boyega) wants to publish his credos and chronicles and start his career the way any other normal young writer would. For Bambi, however, normal is the quandary. “Normal” means returning to Watts, Los Angeles, after a 28-month jail stint to find his young son playing next to his strung-out grandmother. It’s normal for the patriarch of his family to offer Bambi pills, guns, and a drug-running job as a way to welcome him home. A normal visit from his cousin involves Bambi and son performing minor surgery to extract a bullet from his arm. Bambi meets this surreal, ghetto normal with equanimity, but he knows life can’t be “normal” like this for long.