Downton Abbey: The Movie in Development?

Well, kind of, not really but sort of. Show creator Julian Fellowes spoke with Indiewire in March last year, at the airing of the final episode of the series, that:

“it would be fun… I’ve done some work on it because I don’t want want to be caught out if [the producers] suddenly say yes and then it’s all go… Can we round up all the cast? Can we get them? Also we just need the green light at the beginning. So I don’t know anymore than that at the moment to be honest.”

The only reason this fire has been re-stoked is that when cast member Jim Carter, who played Carson The Butler, was interviewed on Good Morning Britain at the start of this year he let slip the following:

“nobody’s seen the script… We’ve been asked to keep ourselves available at dates in the future.. There’s a place in the West Country called Julian Fellowes’ head and it’s in there somewhere. I’m sure it will emerge.”