Listen: ‘7th Street Metro’ by TEST

Time to get your punk on for a bit of L.A. grown talent known as TEST. Their brand new track 7th Street Metro has dropped and it’s further testament to a city that keeps producing such stunning indie cred! Get on this, people!


LA punk trio TEST have released their latest offering in the form of “7th Street Metro,” which Buzzbands LA refers to as “raw, visceral, and immediate.” The single is the band’s first of 2017, following the release of 2016’s Tremble and Vibrate EP.
TEST is Los Angeles-based trio of young men who have bonded like brothers over brisk, gritty rock with punk abandon. In 2015, the group clandestinely moved into a windowless, lockout rehearsal space in Vernon (a corrupt, autonomous city of industry within L.A. and prominently featured in the second season of HBO’s True Detective). Surrounded by colossal warehouses, garment factories, and meatpacking plants, it was in this smelly, industrial urbanscape that Blake Stokes (vocals/guitar) and Wayne Meza (bass) collectively forged their intense tone with drummer Morgan Ponder. And while sustaining on generic instant noodles and only taking showers at truck stops, TEST wrote songs about battling inner demons, hating their day jobs, and living in a concrete wasteland.
“’7th Street Metro’ was written very quickly and purely out of instinct, the three of us knocking out the foundation of the song in about half an hour,” explains Blake Stokes. “Simplicity and urgency were the guiding principles and the whole song is an exercise in not over analyzing the creative burst that naturally happened in the room. Plus the false stops are fun.”
TEST plans to release more new music over the course of the coming weeks. For more information on the band, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, andSoundcloud.