Ridley Scott Circling U.S. Remake of ‘The Wailing’

It’s most likely the best horror film of 2016 that you never saw or, in some unfortunate cases, never heard of. Na Hong-jin’s The Wailing, an epic 2.5 hour Korean horror flick that went off and grossed $51m, is all the talk in ye Olde Hollywood town for a remake. Step in super-producer/director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator) who, if the trades are on mark, is circling the project to step in as producer on the remount.

Under his production company Scott Free, Scott is also intending on having the original film’s director Na Hong-jin lead the U.S. remake.

The Wailing tells the terrifying tale of a small community plagued by a series of vicious murders whose culprits are people infected with a rash and boil affliction that sends them into a blind rage.

Evocative, brutal, darkly funny and breathlessly entertaining, it takes a ragtag bunch of local police, a shaman, a priest and an elusive woman to piece together the facts and solve the mystery.