Listen: ‘Delilah’ by Greyface

Heading back to favourite Cali spot in Los Angeles for Greyface and their brand new track Delilah! Taken from their forthcoming new album Greyola, due February 10, Delilah is a deliciously hypnotic and ambient bittersweet confection that’ll have you hitting repeat straight as it ends…

Los Angeles based indie-rock trio GREYFACE have released their new single “Delilah,” the first track revealed from their forthcoming album Greyola – due out on February 10th. Music Ninja refers to “Delilah” as “a delicate, somewhat dreary, and downright addictive jam that calls on associations of the glory days of this genre,” which is now available for streaming on Soundcloud.

Originally meeting and starting their first teenage bands together in the late 90s, the three members of Greyface have been playing music off and on together longer than most. But this project is their first as a trio and their debut album Greyola is the sound of a band drawing from a wealth of influence and experience.

On a November evening in 2015, the three Los Angeles-based musicians popped into a dimly-lit rehearsal space to jam around for a few hours before going to see Blonde Redhead in concert. Having no plan to start a new project, Ryan recorded the experience on his phone just for fun. A few days later, listening back to the recording he realized there was something there and began editing the audio down to shorter songs, stunned at what he had captured.

After telling friend/engineer Tom Syrowski (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen) about the experience, Syrowski decided to book a session at world-renowned Henson Studios in Hollywood to see if they could actually play, “I wanted them to impress me, but I hadn’t heard any of the demos yet,” explains Syrowski. “It could have been a disaster!” Luckily, 3 of the songs captured that day, “Birds”, “Problems”, and “Answers” marked the beginning of recording Greyola and the birth of Greyface.

Fans can expect more new content from Greyface in the coming weeks. For more information on the band, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram