Listen: ‘Lay Me Down’ by Travis Marsh

We’re headed to the beautiful surrounds of Southern California for singer/songwriter Travis Marsh and his cracking new single Lay Me Down featuring MC G Herbo. Politically charged, it’s a song with a message, a song with a purpose and the fusion of two great styles into one punching track! Get on it, people!

Southern California singer/songwriter Travis Marsh has just released the infectious new single, “Lay Me Down.” The track features the talented and emerging Chicago rapper G Herbo, and premiered on AXS Music this past Friday. Marsh had this to say about the collaboration and the political message of the song: “I had a great time writing music and coming together on this track with Herb to help bring awareness to some of the social injustices we face today from LA to the Windy City.” Herbo was happy to lend a verse to a track that he said “challenged [him] to talk about serious issues.”

Fans can now stream “Lay Me Down” on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, or purchase the track on iTunes or Amazon.

“Lay Me Down” is the next single in a slew of exciting new music Marsh plans on releasing in the coming months. To celebrate the release of the track, Marsh performed in front of a packed house at the prestigious Hotel Cafe in Hollywood this past Friday.

The musical world of Travis Marsh echoes the tradition of the songwriting troubadour, of Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell, but also deals in the smooth aesthetics of a pop connoisseur. The culmination of working in these seemingly polar opposite styles has arrived in the form of some exciting and fresh new singles. With smooth production handled by the likes of producers D. Brooks Exclusive and Smitty Soul, these are the songs that will bring the Jekyll and Hyde of Marsh’s musical world into the light, and the moment that is poised to get people talking.

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