U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 13 Jan – Sun 15 Jan, 2017 (Preliminary)

It’s Martin Luther King Weekend in the U.S. and, as the cinemas are stacked to the brim with product, it’s Hidden Figures (3,286 screens) that’s held the top spot. With an expected $19.6m for the weekend ($25.3m for the 4 day), off only 14% from last weekend, the $25m budgeted biopic has stormed to $60.5m domestically thus far with plenty of gas left in the tank. This will head north of $120m before its all over and, as we said before, is behaving like 2011s similarly budgeted and themed The Help. Though that film grossed $170m domestically, it released in August and had no like content to contend with which Hidden Figures is up against (Fences, Moonlight, Patriot’s Day). Let the word of mouth continue to spread on this puppy!

Sing (3,963 screens) rises to second place with $13.4m for the weekend ($18.2m for the 4 day) to bring its domestic gross to $237.5m to come in neck and neck with Moana. The film is now $14m behind 2003’s Despicable Me $251.5m life gross and is now breathing down the neck of Fast & Furious 6’s $239m take to claim #11 all time highest grossing Universal release. This should get to $280m before dying off and land at #8 all time for Universal + #4 all time for Illumination Entertainment.

La La Land (1,848 screens), fresh off swooping the Golden Globes with a record breaking haul, storms up the ladder for 3rd with $13.9m for the weekend ($16.9m for the 4 day) and growing its business by 38%. We’d already flagged this puppy as the one to watch and now, with $76.4m in the kitty, all eyes are firmly planted in the $120m+ range for this domestically. Not bad for a $30m budgeted flick, eh? And a huge sigh of relief for Lionsgate who had a shocker of a year in 2016 with ultra expensive films flopping all over the place. (Gods of Egypt, The Divergent Series: Allegiant)

The Bye Bye Man (2,220 screens) is the yearly staple disposable horror flick that releases in January and, on a $7.4m budget, the film nabbed $14.5m for the weekend ($16.3m for the 4-day) on a solid $6,532 screen average. As expected the film was slammed by critics with 27% rotten and the audiences weren’t much better with a C Cinemascore. Still, its the strongest of the new openers and expanding prestige pictures which, given that opening result, will put the picture in the profitable category pretty quickly for STX Entertainment. $28m.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (3,162 screens) slips 42% for a $12.9m weekend ($16.1m for 4-day) to bring its haul to $501.2m domestically after 5 weeks of trade. This should be able to get to $550m before finishing up.

Patriot’s Day (3,120 screens) expands by 3,113 screens  and nabs a $12m opening weekend ($14.2m 4-day) on a very modest $3,846 screen average. The Boston Marathon Bombing drama, which is the third true life story collaboration between writer/director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg after Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon, opened 40.6% behind the latter and positions the $45m production at around the $45m mark domestically. A crowded market place heavy with biopics and politically charged content wouldn’t be helping matters.

Monster Trucks (3,119 screens), Paramount’s long delayed family film that sat on a shelf for over a year, opens to $10.1m ($13.5m 4-day) on a very soft $3,238 screen average. It didn’t score with critics either, landing a 31% rotten rating and audiences (which Cinemascore says are 53% male and 55% under 18) are giving it an A. This puppy won’t hold out, though, and a $35m finish for the movie is most likely.

Sleepless (1,803 screens) opens to $8.5m ($9.9m for 4-day) on a $4,714 screen average. The Jamie Foxx led crime thriller landed with a deafening thud critically, maligned with 11% rotten alongside a kinder audience awarding it a B+. The film looks to be in the $30m range top end and, given the headlining of Jamie Foxx and supports from Michelle Monaghan, Dermt Mulroney and T.I. – it’s a pretty disappointing result for the production.

Underworld: Blood Wars (3,070 screens) plummeted 65% week on week for $5.8m ($6.8m for 4-day) to bring its domestic haul to $24.9m. This is all over for $30m. The Bye Bye Man and the standard business behaviour of an umpteenth sequel in a franchise in week two presented itself perfectly here.

Passengers (2,447 screns) fell by 44% week on week for $5.4m ($6.5m for 4-day) to bring its domestic take to $90.9m. This will limp to a $100m finish.

Live By Night (2,822 screens) is diabolical on expansion, taking $5.6m ($6.5m for the 4 day) on a deathly $1,984 screen average. Middling reviews didn’t help matters along with all the overcrowding of prestige product in the market place. With a rumoured $40m budget and only $6.5m in the tank so far, the U.S. is looking to deliver $20m and Warner will be looking to international to make up the shortfall. For Batfleck, he’ll be keeping his fingers crossed for a hit with Justice League and sweating the pressure the studio will have on him for The Batman.

In Cinemas Friday 20 January, 2017 – xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Split, The Founder, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, 20th Century Women (Expands), The Red Turtle, Trespass Against Us

Figures from Deadline

1.) Hidden Figures (Fox) 3,286 theaters (+815)/$5.5M Fri (-28%)  /$3-day: $19.6M (-14%)/4-day: $25.3M/Total: $60.5M/Wk 4

2.) Sing (ILL/UNI), 3,693  theaters (-262)  /$2.9M Fri.(-44%)  /3-day cume: $13.4M (-35%)/4-day: $18.2M /Total: $237.5M/Wk 4

3.) La La Land (Lionsgate) 1,848 (+333) /$4.1M Fri (+32%)/3-day:$13.9M (+38%)/4-day:$16.9M/Total:$76.4M/ Wk 6

4.) The Bye Bye Man (STX) 2,220 theaters  /$5.5M Fri/3-day:$14.5M /4-day:$16.3M/Wk 1

5.) Rogue One  (DIS), 3,162 theaters  (-995)/$3.3M Fri. (-46%)/ 3-day cume: $12.9M (-42%)/4-day:$16.1M/Total: $501.2M/Wk 5

6.) Patriot’s Day  (CBS/LG), 3,120 theaters (+3,113)  /$4.1M Fri (+11,071%) /3-day: $12M (+11,900%)/4-day: $14.2M/Total: $15.1M/Wk 4

7.) Monster Trucks (PAR) 3,119 theaters/$2.6M Fri/3-day:$10.1M /4-day:$13.5M/Wk 1

8.) Sleepless (OR) 1,803 theaters /$3M Fri/3-day:$8.5M /4-day:$9.9M/Wk 1

9..) Underworld: Blood Wars (Sony) 3,070 theaters /$1.7M Fri (-65%)/3-day: $5.8M (-57%)/4-day: $6.8M /Total:$24.9M/ Wk 2

10.) Passengers (Sony) 2,447 theaters (-953) /$1.5M Fri (-44%)/3-day: $5.375M (-39%)/4-day: $6.5M /Total:$90.9M/ Wk 2

11.) Live by Night  (WB), 2,822 theaters (+2,818) /$1.9M Fri. (+23,650%) /3-day:$5.6M(+21,528%)/4-day:$6.5m/Total: $6.5M/ Wk 4


Silence  (PAR), 747 theaters (+696)  /$657K Fri. (+330%) /3-day:$2M (+317%)/4-day: $2.4M/Total: $3.5M/ Wk 4 

20th Century Women (Annapurna/A24) 29 theaters  (+19) /$87K Fri (+110%) /3-day: $293k (+125%)/4-day:$355K/Total: $799K/Wk 4

Moonlight (A24) 582 theaters  (+447) /$289K Fri (+200%) /3-day: $1.1M (+41%)/4-day:$1.3M/Total: $14.8M/Wk 13