Green Lantern Corps land David Goyer and Justin Rhodes as Writers

The big screen reboot of Green Lantern is moving forward at Warner Bros under the working title of Green Lantern Corps and the studio have announced they’ve attached The Dark Knight Trilogy writer David S. Goyer and Contract Killers author Justin Rhodes with scripting duties.

The setting for the Green Lantern Corps will be entirely in space and will see returning hero Hal Jordan team up with John Stewart to solve an intergalactic case ala Lethal Weapon style.  John Stewart is an African American character that has seen Tyrese Gibson campaign the studio to play. No casting announcements have been made.

Green Lantern first made its way to the big screen in 2011 with the Martin Campbell directed offering that starred Ryan Reynolds. The $200m film was widely panned and grossed $220m internationally. Famously, Reynolds gave the film some stick in last year’s break out hit Deadpool.