Will Smith Circling Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ for Disney

There’s news afoot that Will Smith (Collateral Beauty, Suicide Squad) is circling the lead on the live action remake of Dumbo that Tim Burton has been attached to direct for quite some time now. The remake, which has been written (terrifyingly) by Ehren Kruger (the guy that wrote Scream 3 and the sequels in the Transformers franchise), is hot on Disney’s agenda to get moving given the box office and critical success their current wave of remakes are having.

For Smith, if he takes this project on, many sources are suggesting it will complicate the planned production of Bad Boys for Life (or Bad Boy 3) that he is attached to for director Joe Carnahan (Narc). Given the timelines, Collider says:

That film (Bad Boys for Life) is getting a script polish at the moment to get everything tailored to everyone’s liking, but Variety notes that Dumbo and Bad Boys 3 would shoot at the same time, so if Smith chooses Dumbo then the Bad Boys sequel could be pushed back “or shelved entirely.”

It’s been a rocky couple of years for Smith with After Earth, A Winter’s Tale, Concussion and Collateral Beauty all failing at the box office and with critics. Focus did a little better and although Suicide Squad was a big hit, the critical reaction wasn’t stellar. The Smithanator needs a hit, big time, is Dumbo the one?

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images