Listen: ‘Pandemonium’ by Xeus featuring Bmike

Melbourne represents with rapper Xeus and his new track Pandemonium featuring Bmike. It’s an absolute corker of a track and what a way to rip a hole into the middle of the week!

Standing 6’7″ tall, Xeus’ effortless rapping style evolved while undertaking a college basketball scholarship in the United States. Earning numerous accolades including the title of Academic All-American for several years, Xeus’ love of music was so strong he chose to put aside his education in New York to pursue his true passion. His time in The States enabled him to develop his fluid and individual style that transcends cultural boundaries.

When he began rapping at the age of 9, Xeus found his passion and never stopped perfecting the art. After listening to Talib Kweli’s album, “Reflection Eternal”, he realised that there was a world of opportunity for him to express himself.

Xeus expertly balances singing and rapping, Xeus has a natural charm and allure about him. His content to date is drawing upon life experience and fantasy coupled with intelligent production. His rap style is fluid, effortless and unapologetic.