listen: ‘We’re All One’ by Darryl and Georgia

Scintillating modern pop abounds in the debut single from Brits Darryl & GeorgiaWe’re All One. Supremely polished and hugely radio friendly, it’s one helluva auspicious musical debut and well worth a spin, gang!


Darryl Nash And Georgia McCarthy dive into catchy pop with there first single release “We’re All One”

Having earned a great response from the BBC on their single “We’re All One”, both Darryl & Georgia are phenomenal young artists who are about to release a 4 track EP is named after their single track “We’re All One”. The EP has relentless catchy melodies with quirky lyrics that are moving and inspirational. Apart from being able to have lyrical movement, the instrumentation is nothing but pure clever. Together this EP is set to be one of the most musically inclined pop collections from either of the artists.

“These guys know how to write a party track!” – Stephanie Nieuwenhuys (BBC Introducing South)

Taking inspiration from an eclectic mixture of artists ranging from Mike Perry to O Wonder, Bloc Party and Damien Rice, Both Darryl and Georgia are keen in experimenting with new sounds and trying out new styles to widen their musical opportunities. To Darryl and Georgia music is an art that takes a lot of stories and life experience to create great songs.

Both having been passionate about music from an early age on, Darryl and Georgia both grew up listening to different genres of music. Georgia always found a love for soft and romantic acoustic music to loving a classic ballad; however Darryl found his love in Alternative Rock and electronic music. These two very different genres of music would not stop the due making music they both have a passion for, and still, growing. Darryl found Georgia through mutual friends and watched a live stream of a performance she did, not long after Darryl instantly fell in love with her voice and knew together the you could create something not only great, but something wroth while. Together they both write record and produce all the songs they make.

With their upcoming EP, Darryl and Georgia continue to create new music and plan on shows for the New Year!

The EP ‘We’re All One’ is out on 29th January 2017.

Single “We’re All One” Out 16th Decemeber 2016.