Listen: ‘L.E.D. Nights’ by Dead Language

Our faves from Sydney, Dead Language, is back after making us swoon with Stockholm. Their new track L.E.D. Nights cements the man as a musical creative force and one of the most commanding artists working the stage today.


After the success of his debut single ‘Stockholm’ earlier this year, Sydney’s Dead Language is back with another 80s-influenced banger, L.E.D. Nights.

With elements of Patrick Wolf, Midnight Juggernauts and even Electric Light Orchestra, delving into the world of Dead Language is a true journey, where the sheer joy of a party vibe is offset by a dark streak, creating a ‘baroque disco’ that unveils itself across multiple listens.

The music of Dead Language is the musical work of Dominic Price. With spins across FBI and 4ZZZ aswell as rave reviews from the likes of Project U and Happy, in just a few months Dead Language has already begun making his mark on the Australian music scene.

L.E.D. Nights flips the themes depression of ‘Stockholm’ and takes things to another level both melodically and lyrically as Dead Language continues his unique combination of dance-ability and introspection.

“I began writing LED Nights over a year ago, but it’s taken me until only now to finally realise fully.” Said Price “It was a particularly hard song to get right. It came from feeling completely stifled and frustrated by being a musician. LED Nights was the first song I could finally get right; it’s now become my own personal anthem to try not to doubt myself too harshly.”

“The debut single is Stockholm, a really tightly produced pop song packed with violins and lyrics that genuinely make you feel something – surrounding being kind of sick of the bullshit depression puts you under and tying that in with the concept of Stockholm Syndrome.” – Project U
“With echoes of The Smiths, a smidgeon of Brit Pop and a gloriously upbeat electro feel, Stockholm is a striking new track” – The Lowdown Under
“The simplicity and effectiveness of Price’s wordplay betray a keen eye for detail, and allow Stockholm to transcend beyond the realm of genres.” – Happy
“With an epic dance-ability, the party vibes belie the true narrative of the song, creating multiple layers ready for
those that want more than just a casual listen to explore.” – Music Injection
“The punchy, upbeat and catchy quality of the electronic-pop melodies, and deep and warming vocals, rather believe the more sombre tone of the lyrics which allude to Price’s struggle with depression.” – Little Indie Blogs