The Shack Trailer

Based on a wildly best selling faithing-it-down-your-throat novel by WM. Paul Young, The Shack tells the tale of Mackenzie, a grizzled man battling with depression after his daughter was abducted and presumed brutally murdered in a Shack four years prior. Randomly, Mackenzie receives a letter from God that instructs him to go back to the Shack for a weekend getaway. Of course, he complies and his life is changed forever and ever with roses and butterflies and love hearts and candy and all that warm fuzzy stuff.

Directed by Stuart Hazeldine (The Exam) and starring (bizarrely) Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw, get ready to get some Christianity slammed down your gobs with this sacchrine drenched melodramatic Mariah Carey Power Ballad of a trailer.