Highlander Reboot Lands Chad Stahelski as Director

A Highlander reboot has been on the cards for a while now and, although it hasn’t gone through the same level of pre-production hell that The Crow reboot has, it’s been an on again off again venture with names like Justin Lin and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo attached to direct. Well, kiddies, it’s back on again with the other half of the directorial duo behind John WickChad Stahelski – named as director. Stahelski is currently finishing off his first solo directorial gig John Wick: Chapter Two.

Lionsgate, who own the Highlander property, are looking to develop it into an ongoing franchise.

The other half of the John Wick duo is David Leitch, who is finishing of his first solo effort The Coldest City and just got appointed director of Deadpool 2.