Bruce Trailer – An Aussie Convict Comedy Web Series!

Go, Aussie, Go! The first trailer for the new convict black comedy Bruce has dropped and it features Richard Davies (Offspring), Angus Sampson (The Mule) and Dave Lawson (Utopia). Director and co-creator Tony Rogers is behind this seven episode effort that launches on line tomorrow. Press release below the trailer!

BRUCE premieres ONLINE & on YOUTUBE from NOVEMBER 24, 2016


The trials and tribulations of life in an Aussie share-house that just happens to be a prison tent in Sydney Cove, 1788.

November 23, 1788 2016 – A brand new comedy series that rewrites Australia’s convict beginnings with a wry, deadpan comic voice will be available exclusively online from November 24th. BRUCE tells the story of Bruce Williamson (Offspring’s Richard Davies) whose simple plan of following his soulmate to the new land by getting arrested spectacularly backfires, trapping him in a violent prison camp at the edge of the world.

A gritty black comedy from the team that brought us How to Talk Australians, BRUCE received Multi- platform Drama funding from Screen Australia and was developed with the assistance of Film Victo- ria. “BRUCE sets a new benchmark of quality for straight-to-web content,” said Mike Cowap, Invest- ment Manager, Screen Australia. “Most feature films would die for a cast this good, the production values are incredible, and it’s funny as hell. It’s testament to the quality of the material and the ad- miration for the team that a show this ambitious has proved possible. BRUCE is an extraordinary achievement on every level.”

BRUCE was co-created and directed by Tony Rogers (Wilfred, How to Talk Australians), produced by award-winning producer Jason Byrne (Sucker, How to Talk Australians) and written by Mat Blackwell (Good News Week, The Glass House) and Warwick Holt (The Project, Good News Week). “BRUCE has been a real labour of love”, comments producer Jason Byrne “it’s so great to see the work come to- gether on the online screen. It was a real pleasure working with Tony, Warwick and Mat.”

Joining the hapless Bruce in his convict colony share-house is irrepressible bogan Garry, played by Dave Lawson (Utopia, The Heckler) – who claims to be Bruce’s “best mate”, and Mick played by An- gus Sampson (The Mule, Fargo), a well-read, philosophical, and sensitive monolith of a man, who is also possibly a brutal serial killer. Outside the tent, things don’t get much better as Bruce has to con- tend with the brutal marines, the incompetent leaders of the colony, and the mysterious local peo- ple who have had their way of life challenged.

“In a way, Bruce is the only person on the entire continent who wanted to come here” says co-writer and creator Mat Blackwell discussing Bruce’s plight, “and he very quickly learns that he’s made a ter- rible, terrible mistake.” Director Tony Rogers agrees, “Man, what a shit hole it must have been.”

On why the creators chose comedy to tackle this particular part of Australia’s past, perhaps co- writer and creator Warwick Holt sums it up best, “England has dealt with its history through the pe- riod drama, while America used the Western. It’s about time Australia’s grim founding story was ad- dressed in a distinctly Aussie fashion: the pisstake.”

BRUCE will debut exclusively at and on YouTube with seven hilarious epi- sodes that showcase the latest in 18th century multi-platform entertainment. Audiences are encour- aged to binge the entire series in one sitting and immerse themselves in a brand new comedy that thrives by taking historical facts and rubbing them up against the modern sensibilities of this ensem- ble of funny, flawed, and ultimately endearing characters.

“It’s so thrilling to see this come to fruition after such a long time in development” finishes Holt, “I mean, 228 years has to be some sort of a record!”