The Dark Crystal Sequel Coming in 12 Part Comic Book Form

It’s been over 34 years since we went to Thra, a world on the brink of collapse where the peace loving Mystics and the destructive Skeksis were dying out. Left to the bravery of one small gelfling Jen and his new friend Kyra, the fate of the planet was rescued by the restoration of the crystal at its heart.

A critical hit for Jim Henson and a cult classic of cinema, a sequel for the film has been either spoken about or almost mounted for decades (the last notion being a sequel in 2005, a synopsis release in 2010 and an ‘in development’ status in 2014) but nothing ever became concrete.. Until today.

A new 12 part comic book series entitled The Power of the Dark Crystal is coming to pick up the story directly after the events of the film.

The series is set decades after events of 1982’s The Dark Crystal, with Jen and Kira distracted by the pressures of ruling Thra and no longer in touch with the needs of the people — which provokes a Fireling called Thurma to set out to steal a shard of the Dark Crystal with which she intends to restore power to her realm. Unfortunately, that mission might also restore the Skeksis, as well…

The story, which is adapted by Si Spurrier from the un-produced screenplay for the sequel written by David Odell, Annette Odell, and Craig Pearce, has its first issue hitting shelves on February 15, 2017 through Boom! Comics.