Listen: ‘Back Up a Minute’ by Former Faces

Los Angeles represents again with this gorgeous new outing from Former Faces – Back Up a Minute. Heartfelt, personal and deeply atmospheric, it’s sounds deceptively simplistic but the song is anything but. It’s well worth your time and a great way to kick off the weekend!

Go, L.A., Go!

LA indie rock band Former Faces have shared a new single entitled “Back Up a Minute,” an atmospheric, melancholy tale of loss and moving on. The track premiered exclusively at Buzzbands LA, who refers to it as “a gorgeous, spacious reverie.”

“I wrote ‘Back Up a Minute’ a few weeks ago shortly after the death of my grandfather,” explains vocalist Ryan Parmenter. “The verses are a final conversation I wish we’d had, and the choruses are a reminder that loss is a universal experience. At some point, we all long to move on.”

Former Faces is a study in dreams and memories crossing paths from the brain trust of tenured LA musician Ryan Parmenter. The Silverlake-based project creates fluid cerebral sounds reminiscent of Tame Impala, The War On Drugs, Jim James, and Deerhunter, to name a few. After putting the finishing touches on his self-written and self-produced work, Parmenter enlisted the help of David Lee (guitar), Brian Blake (bass), and Abraham Kim (drums) to shape his live act, which aims to bring a complete audiovisual performance to the stage. Organically exploring the relationship between reality and the subconscious, the result is a collection of sonic dreamscapes that shrink and blur the line between the two. From airy indie-style tracks to songs born from more psychedelic roots, the Former Faces sound takes inspiration from a wide range of genres that have informed Parmenter’s years of songwriting experience.

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