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fou_main_1sheet_final_au_lrWould you like fries with that?‘ – a statement that seems commonplace in today’s vernacular. We all know it originated from McDonalds, but where did McDonalds come from? That’s the extraordinary true tale of director John Lee Hancock’s new film The Founder. Starring cinema veterans Michael Keaton, LInda Cardinelli and Patrick Wilson, The Founder explores the hardships and triumphs of Ray Kroc. To celebrate the release Roadshow Films and The Lowdown Under and giving you the chance to win one of ten double passes to see the film when it gets served up to Cinemas from November 24, 2016!

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Synopsis: THE FOUNDER tells the story of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds family restaurants (as we know the brand and business today).  A Worldly but weary travelling milkshake machine salesman, Ray turns a sale to local restaurateurs into a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it big and defy mediocrity in post WW2 middle America.  His tenacity ultimately creates a revolutionary new business model that centralises control at the expense of the concept originators, and limits opportunities for franchisees.  It’s these very choices that lead to McDonalds’ exponential growth (and a best practice model that continues to be replicated today). His will to win at any cost, and decisions to stack the cards in his favour are the central point of drama: raising the question of the morality of success. Themes of entrepreneurialism, American exceptionalism, capitalism & the self-made man , The Founder shows just how far a man went to win, and what it cost him, and those around him. Using the ubiquitous McDonalds brand as the setting for a biopic provides an accessible entry point for a broad domestic audience, and the founder’s narrative affords us the opportunity to learn the true story about the man behind it’s legendary success.

Director: John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, Saving Mr. Banks)

Cast: Michael Keaton, Linda Cardinelli, Patrick Wilson, Nick Offerman, Laura Dern, John Carroll Lynch

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