Fede Alvarez Gets Caught Up in ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’

girl-in-the-spiders-web-book-coverSony just won’t let their little cash cow genre director wander off the reservation as Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe) has been suggested director of the long awaited sequel to David Fincher’s 2011 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which actually skips to the fourth book in the series for The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

This franchise has had one helluva time getting made in the U.S. given the huge costs of the original film and it’s disappointing box office returns. The original sequel – The Girl Who Played With Fire – had a script written by Steve Zallian and then given a once over from Andrew Kevin Walker but, with Fincher not returning, production on it stalled. In more recent months even star Rooney Mara had publicly given up hope of a return to Lisbeth Salander.

The fire was re-ignited earlier this year with the release of the new book and Sony had announced it was going to be the next in the filmic series. A few directors had been named to take on the film but Variety are reporting that Alvarez is Sony’s first choice.

No news as to whether Rooney Mara or Daniel Craig will return but there is a rumour that Alicia Vikander is pipped for a part in the new film…