Review: ‘Full Colour’ by Paper Lions

paper-lionsCanadian Indie Pop Wunderkinds Paper Lions return with their ebullient new album Full Colour. A heavenly fusion of modern sounds and glorious 80s influences, this is high rotation stuff and yet another great album to come out of the Mounties Country this year! Get On It!

There’s just something disarming about this quartet that makes you keep on coming back for more. Throughout their career Paper Lions have continually impressed with their songwriting ability and matching it with just how much joy they get out of playing music together. It makes for an intoxicating invitation when you hit play on any of their albums and Full Colour is no exception.

From the bright fun of opener Don’t Wanna Dance, the boys set the scene with an infectious, upbeat toe tapper that is overflowing with late 80s synth sensibilities and one helluva hook in that chorus. My Number keeps the grooves coming in a pulsing groover that feels at home on the radio (Much like the opener before switching gear to the glorious slow burn of End of July which features the stunning return of swirling saxophone solo that have been missing from mainstream music since 1987. Honestly has a Maroon 5 feel (but better) and the single Call Back is a global hit waiting to happen – seriously. The slow psuedo-ballad I’ll See You Soon comes as a sweet refrain before jumping headlong into summery squelch of If You Ever (that’ll make more sense to you when you hear it). Then it’s all kicking it back up a gear with the bright big band infectious pop of Take a Look at My Girl, Born To Rule, and Believer before culminating the warm hues of the gorgeous closer Best out of You.

Paper Lions‘ Full Colour is a work of masterful pop, capitalizing on four very talented musicians abilities and their clear love of all things 80s. It’s an instantly accessible, highly rotational outing that so deserves your attention and stands out as one of 2016’s finest releases amidst a field of already impressive offerings.